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Hello admin, i've got some questions : 1/ what is the reason of a form being rejected? I have a real big (40%) rejection rate ^^ 2/ what should I do to improve approval rate? 3/ i advertise only via newsletter, is it eligible? 4/ may i put the banners in my sites, but __NOT__ the sites with those registered domain name in revresponse system? need help to make a greater result, ASAP ;)
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I'm happy to answer these for you.

How does a lead get rejected?
The way our service works is that you get paid on qualified leads. If you see that some of your subscriptions are rejected, that is because your audience did not meet the qualifications to receive an offer.

We are able to pay you for the subscriptions you generate because we are paid for generating leads for the clients that supply those offers. Some of these clients set up rejection criteria. That criteria can be something like qualified leads must come from individuals who work for companies with a certain amount of employees. That's just one example.

The good news is that the more difficult the subscription is to generate (and the more rejection criteria it has) the higher the payout is when your audience does qualify.

Some suggestions for lowering reject rates include:
1. Featured Offer Posts or Newsletters: Use the offer catalog to find offers that not only contextually serve your audience’s needs but also serve their geographic location.
2. Send generic promotions to the home page of your co-branded site. The category pages are by default sorted in alphabetic order while the home page of your co-branded dynamically optimizes itself every day based on what your audience has found success in requesting.
3. If most of your traffic is international, you may want to highlight the International Category page. The link to that page can be found in the navigation of your co-branded site.

Advertising via Newsletter
This is absolutely eligible. It's a great way to generate earnings. Make sure that you are only sending to opted-in newsletter lists and not spamming. The people you email must have given you the right to email them.

Banners on Additional Sites
You are free to promote RevResponse and our offers on any site that you own or operate as long as it is relevant to our B2B content and does not include adult or inappropriate content.

To be safe about the way you are promoting, read our terms and conditions.