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In January we were happy to announce the phenomenal growth in 2014, including: +60% Partner Earnings, +73% Leads Generated, and +26% Partner Activity. Already this year, there is so much more excitement as we wrap-up Q1 and a record-breaking March. An Amazing kick-off to 2015! This month was excellent! Major momentum was generated by the Partner #beatyourbracket Challenge, our second Partner Challenge. Final winners and stats will be released later today; how, appropriate with the final game tonight (for basketball lovers!) Plus, so far this year we have been fortunate to continue to work with some of the best publishers and advertisers industry wide - landing strong offers for the network. Thank you to all of our Partners for continuing the outstanding growth, year-over-year and month-over-month. Keep it up! #revvup Ps. There are several exciting new projects underway for Q2 – be on the lookout!

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