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Many a times rejected leads are possibly applicable for other magazines or newsletter. Are rejected leads getting an email saying subscription request has been rejected however, they are eligible for following other magazines. If not, it may be a good idea to show them based on a link based on Geography viz US,Canada,Mexico,International. It might be of an interest to see if he has other interest areas. Yes, software might have to be build such a way that for each rejection, lead does starts getting poked via email. 2nd Suggestion :- Although it is like, Would you like to be contacted from etc etc, but my question is that how to inform successful leads about new magazines on the block. RSS feed is one way but I think it may be publicised in email too. "GET Notification about New Magazines" may be once a month. Rgds,
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These are excellent suggestions. We actually address the first in two ways:

1. ‘Thank You’ page – The thank you page after any given offer will contextually display offers most likely relevant to the user at that moment. These promotions take into consideration the category that the primary offer was in, the location of the user, the conversion rates of the offers, and revenue potential for our publishers among a few other top secret things.

2. ‘Thank You’ email – Similar to the above, an email confirmation is immediately fired off to each subscriber leveraging much of the logic described above.

Both of those tactics leverage your unique sub-domain assigning any conversion/revenue event back to you. If a user requests another offer as a consequence of the 'Thank You' page or email promotions, you are privy to your cut of the action.

With regards to your alert idea, we already have publisher specific RSS alerts available as you may have already noticed the link on the bottom left of your site. The concept of a publisher specific newsletter is something currently being evaluated...thanks for confirming the interest in something like that.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for the reply. I find that RSS Feeds are empty as per my observation past 2 weeks. Not only one link but many other Sectoral links clicked and found to be empty.

Notify Email looks like works by sending confirmation email but not sure if it shall generate any cut if the lead decides to subscribe as it does not reflect any affiliate id.


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This is a bug that we weren't aware of. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Our team has been notified and will get working to fix this ASAP.

As for generating your cut of the revenue, the confirmation messages immediately following a subscription request always includes the proper publisher ID which ensures that you are privy to the incremental commission.

Thanks for your help and patience.

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Hi Playsafe,

The bug has been identified and fixed. Please check it out for yourself and let us know if you see anything else.

Thanks again for pointing this out.

Happy Promoting!