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Hi Karen, One of the recent rejected leads who known to be from my circle have reported to me that his request for a magazine "SD Times" has been rejected and forwarded me the email. Mail says "Sorry Did not qualify.... then If you feel that your business, job function, title or responsibilities are such that you could have selected other available choices listed that would better describe your demographics, then please click here and resubmit your subscription request." On Bringing myself closer to "Click Here" link I see the following link Which means if this person would have gone for opting another or same magazine out of interest, he might have been recorded under membership of Mr "wwwrj" rather than me. Is that by rule or a Bug in the system? If a bug, I believe, it must be worth looking by your technical team asap and must have been faced by all others. If required I can forward the email message to you. If a scammer, then close investigations must be done as most of our efforts are probably ending into someone else pocket. Rgds,
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We’re looking into this now and will provide a response as soon as we know more.

Thank you.

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Now this time the link prompting to subscribe is

------Here is the email ------------------------------
From: TradePub Professional Publications
Sent: Wednesday, 30 April, 2008 8:05:01 AM
Subject: Subscribe free to SD Times and Microwave Journal

Dear xxxxxxxx,

We are sending you this offer because you have subscribed to similar Professional Publications in the past. As such, we wanted to give you the chance to subscribe to SD Times and also to Microwave Journal.

Be sure to forward this email to business associates - they may wish to apply to receive a complimentary publication in their industry as well. ......more paras....

Are these authentic email from revresponse or tradepub? After being rejected, the same magazine is again promoted along with a new one. It is possible subscriber would have checked the box to receive the offers from tradepub but then the link underneath the book is instead of


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Thanks for the extra information. We're still digging into the matter and hope to provide an update before the close of the week.

Thanks for your help and patience.

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Here is another instance

The email is sent from, but when the applicant who originally came to tardepub because of me is now seeing above link for future subscription. This way I am loosing on my old customers 100% and if he wish to subscribe to any magazines in future and this finally means I can only ride on new customers only. Please look into this problem urgently.

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Karen & Playsafe,

A few weeks ago, I posted these comments somewhere in this forum:
I wish RevResponse can talk this problem over with the different magazine publishers and get from the horses' mouth the broad criterias, factors and reasons for rejecting free applicants

With that kind of info available we publishers can then think of how to beat the odds.

I just hope that the magazine publishers are not just trying to play smart to build up a huge list of email addresses that they can send direct unlimited offers in the future (do we get any commission there for our contribution to the list?:-).

Take note that email addresses of all applicants--including the rejected ones, and they are more in numbers--are already in the database of the publishers. And if these applicants opted-in to the email notification service then it's a gold mine. As they say in IM, "the money is in the list".

This is one of the few times I'd be happy to be proven wrong with my fears."

Reading playsafe's post above, it certainly looks like my fears that somebody (not necessarily the publishers, I realize now) is going to take advantage of our rejected applicants to sell other products in the future without having us publishers share in the income has come true.

I join in calling revresponse to find a solution to this issue fast.

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Playsafe, ManagementWarrior, and ConsultantsUnited

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve spent some time digging in to your questions and wanted to provide an update to gain closure on the discussion. There are distinctly two separate scenarios you reported that I’ll explain in further detail.

Reject Letters – this has been a long-standing email communication that goes out once per week to anyone who has failed to meet the magazine publisher’s specific eligibility requirements. is not involved in the eligibility qualification decision, nor does have any influence on the criteria. Generally, one or more of the following is required: 1. the subscriber’s work requires them to be informed and up-to-date about the subject matter covered by the trade publication, 2. the subscriber needs information about the types of products that are advertised or discussed in the trade publication, and/or 3. the subscriber evaluates, recommends and/or purchases types of products that are advertised or discussed in a trade publication. Publishers are interested in specific job titles and job functions, but may also evaluate and determine qualification based on other criteria asked in their qualification form. Additionally, publishers' criteria may change from time to time, based on their overall demographic needs and requirements.

Long before was ever even thought of, the reject letter was created as a way to communicate to the user that they failed to meet the requirements defined by the publisher and consequently offer them access to a few additional offers more likely to convert for the specific user. We’ve opted to remove the promotion element of the additional offers on all future reject emails…this should have been removed in conjunction with the launch of RevResponse and we thank you for reporting this oversight.

Solo brand – This is not another partner. 'Solo' is one of our house sites specifically used in relation to our newsletter that subscribers have the chance to opt-in to on the bottom of every form displayed across our network. This is clearly presented to all users as a choice and nothing more. This works in the same capacity as every other established affiliate program from Amazon on down. Subscribers have the opportunity to receive email alerts from us in the future making available other titles related to their needs. Every affiliate program in existence takes this position. It's not to say that we don’t see your point; it's simply the economic course we have opted to pursue. We specifically set down the path to aggressively reward our partners for the leads that they generate up front. With that being said, we have thousands of partners that have been with us for years making more today than they ever have.

I hope this helped to address your questions. We sincerely appreciate you all as partners and thank you again for your input. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me directly at

Thank you,

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Hi Karen,

Point well taken.

May I just comment specifically on this portion of your reply:

"Subscribers have the opportunity to receive email alerts from us in the future making available other titles related to their needs. Every affiliate program in existence takes this position. It's not to say that we don’t see your point; it's simply the economic course we have opted to pursue. We specifically set down the path to aggressively reward our partners for the leads that they generate up front."

Given that the up front subscription rejection rate is very high (I understand from this forum that it is 70% on the average; mine is in the ballpark of 80%) perhaps revresponse can consider bringing us publishers in on the revenue you may get from those you send follow up emails to.

This is akin to other affiliate programs where the site activates cookies that will tag a guest that we affiliates brought to that site. We still get the affiliate commission if a sale is consummated in, say, 6 months from the first visit.

I think it is not asking too much if we publishers request for a "finder's fee", or whatever it may called, for sales that you will subsequently make on those applicants whom we brought in but were rejected up front on the first application.

This way we don't get too discouraged with the high rejection rate as we can always look to the possibility of us earning something in the future from those rejected applicants.

I'm sure this is going to be mutually beneficial to revresponse and the publishers.

Best regards,


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Hi Ismael (ManagementWarrior),

I’ve taken some time to digest your perspective and can certainly sympathize with your position.

We take the responsibility of getting your reject rates down very seriously. We’re continuously pushing to bring aboard more content that has global eligibility. As this push continues to roll out, you’ll be sure to benefit from our progress.

The long-term cookie duration you referenced is commonly used, but not always, on lower tier and more commodity type affiliate programs. We’ve modeled ourselves after the top tier networks for many reasons. The primary rational behind our decision is that we set out to aggressively compensate our partners up front for their efforts. We could have conversely done the opposite and compensated you over a longer period in time with a lower commission %. We opted to pay higher bounties for each action you send us up front. With that being said, we’ll continue to evaluate this decision and who knows what the future may bring.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your feedback and thank you again for your input. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you

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Thanks Karen. I got the point. I was of the opinion that perhaps somebody is robbing but since solo is an entity of tradepub so, it goes well.

Kind regards,

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I've also noticed that when a person signs up for the "Please notify me when new titles are available" they receive emails containing coded links which go directly to and not our co-branded site which is disappointing to say the least. Looks like we're relying on newbies only :-(

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I am waiting for the investigation outcome from revresponse. As far as friend/colleagues circle goes, I send out bulk mail to ignore the mails from tradepub. However, I found that placing online classified free ads on local newspaper looked to be contributing so learn something. Newbies will also drop as once more and more affiliates join, pie on newbies will drop as major chunk of newbies is with experts only. :)