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I expect some sort of rejection rate on applications from my readers, but recently the numbers have been very high. For example, this month i've had 100 people applying to RevResponse offers but only 20 accepted. These weren't for the high-paying publications either, but the more general "buck fifty" type of offers. It's a bone of contention here. Too many rejects will eventually cause bad blood amongst my readership and reflect against me, which means i'll be less inclined to put up RevResponse offers on my blog in the future. I'm not expecting miracles re. rejection rates, but I think you guys need to talk with the publications you offer and get them to relax their criteria more. Best, Otto
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I too am inclined to share your feelings about the rate of rejection. Sometimes, the figures go over the head. Recently, on a day, there was only one acceptance and 26 (!!) rejections for me. That's out of 1+26=27 sign ups I could earn only a meagre $1.5 !! Had it been even $20 I would have surely liked to dance in the rains.

In fact, Netline need to take up with the publishers as even they don't know the selection criteria set by the publishers. I'm of the opinion that earning should also depend on the number of sign ups attempted in a day. I mean, if only one sign up was accepted and 26 rejected in my case my earning should not have been based only on one acceptance. After all, my efforts brought 27 prospects. For every rejection also there should be some earning. I'm using three following of my websites for advertsing this program:

Anyway, I must say that this program is otherwise one of the best on the net today.Very interesting too.

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Thank you both for your comments and concerns. We sympathize with your frustrations and are always on the lookout for new content and for publishers who have easier qualifying criteria. Recently, we've managed to open some of our offers to larger geographic eligibility. We know it continues to be a challenge for many of our partners and are happy to give more information about your specific reject rates if you are looking for more insight and possible solutions to manage the rates.

Otto - I took a peek at your subscriber data to give you a little more information about this month's rejects. From the data we have, nearly 70% of your subscribers come from small businesses. Unfortunately, many of our offers set reject criteria based on organization size. And because of your subscriber base, you are seeing rejects for those offers. If you would like help selecting offers that are geared toward small businesses, let me know.

Vijay - I wish there were something we could offer our partners based on subscription (good or bad) volume. But, doing that would open us up to potential fraud and would likely harm our network's reputation and limit our ability to get the best offers from publishers.

Thank you for your comments and I welcome you to reach out to me with specific questions regarding your sites.

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Good response, Karen. Yes, if you could direct me to which offers would suit my readership profile better I'd be interested.

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Otto, I'll be emailing you shortly with some personal recommendations.