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New Ways to Monetize Your Audience with Content

This week the RevResponse Team released five newly designed native ad units in the Monetization Tool Kit. Publishers are invited to check out the updates and implement on your site to increase earning potential.

What You Need to Know:

Monetization tools can be seamlessly integrated with your content to create a non-disruptive experience for your readers while increasing your earning potential. Implementation is simple; plus custom options are available to fit your needs.

The native ad units dynamically populate free resources for your readers directly from our diverse offer catalog. Add one or more native advertisements to your website or blog to dynamically feature high converting offers. Select from 5 HTML layouts optimized for display across all devices, including: desktop, mobile, and tablet.

How to Create an Ad Unit:

Step 1:

  • Click on ‘Ad Units’ in the Tool Kit.
  • Add a channel code to track all activity and earnings driven by the ad unit.
  • Select the ad type and ad size. As you customize the ad, a preview will be displayed in ‘Preview’ window.

Step 2:

  • Select the resource types that can be shown in the ad unit, options are magazines only, downloads only, or both. ‘Downloads’ represents downloadable digital content such as: eBooks, white papers, guides, etc…
  • Select the categories that best align with your target audience to define the themes of content that can be shown by your ad unit.

Step 3:

  • Preview the ad unit. Once you are happy with the final preview, click ‘Generate Ad Code’ and our system will provide you with the code for your promotion. Click ‘Select All’ and copy the HTML to implement on your website.
Tip: Once the ad unit is implemented, let us know – we’d be happy to review to ensure all was setup correctly. As your audience begins to request offers from the ad units, the requests will be shown in the ‘Report by Channel Code report’ if you assigned a channel code.

5 New Ads to Choose From:

Ads with Images:

    1. Native Ad Stack: Insert the single-column unit featuring a cover graphic and title of three offers into your website. The best placement for the ‘Native AD Stack’ is below the left navigation, or within the right rail.

    2. Native Ad Digest: Insert the two-column unit featuring a cover graphic, title, and teaser of the short description of four offers into your website. The best placement is below or within a content feed.

    3. Native Ad Row: Insert the row featuring a cover graphic and title of six offers into your website. The ad row is very versatile and can be placed anywhere within or below content. When implemented in a more narrow space the row will wrap to two rows of three offers.

    4. Native Ad Post: Insert the ad unit featuring a cover graphic, title, short description and long description of a single offer to your website. The ‘Native Ad Post’ is designed like a blog or website post and can be inserted into a content feed.

Text-Only Ad:

    1. Native Text Stack: Insert the text-only ad unit featuring a cover graphic and title of three offers into your website. The best placement for the ‘Native Ad Stack’ is below the left navigation, or within theright rail. The ad unit is responsive and will reduce in width based upon your site’s design.

Important Note: Any time the page refreshes a new set of offers will display. If you want to promote specific offers within the ad unit, contact us.

Ads in Action:

Our friends at Next Of Windows tested out the new native ad row on their article pages by inserting below the comments section, shown left. Visit their website to see the live ads in action.

Additionally, a NetLine Manufacturing Blog is featuring all of the new ads for your review. Check out the options to decide which ads are most appropriate for your site. Note: we do not recommend implementing all of the ads on one page like the example blog.

Get Started with Native Advertising:

The newly designed native ad units are the last RevResponse release of the year. Our team is happy to make this announcement and help you get geared up for 2017. Diversify your monetization strategy by utilizing native advertising tools to feature high converting offers for your readers. Go to the Tool Kit to create your new ads.

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Are you going to upgrade to https? my website is https now, all non https link will give error/warning to public.

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We're actively working on that now. Would you like to have early-access and communications of our status as the project is being released to our publishers?