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Under Report by Offer, why does a title show as 0 under both Leads and Rejects? It has to be one or the other, no? Thx.
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unless you have leads either accepted or rejected there will be some figures there for you to see.
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Hello Whatever,

This is a great question and it is incredibly rare that you would see this occurrence. In this case, the offer that is showing in your report is neither a lead nor a reject. This almost never happens. In this case, it is actually a duplicate subscription.

What this means is that some time in the last 90 days, the same user requested that same offer from another of our partners. Because that user's information was already captured for the original offer request, our system caught the secondary request through your site and marked it as a duplicate. What this means is that you did have a user sign up for that offer but that it was scrubbed from you account because that user had already requested that same offer elsewhere.

This situation is extremely uncommon. For one user to request the same offer from two different partners despite how vast the internet is, is like being hit by lightening -- incredibly rare.

Your confusion with the report is valid; but, I hope this clears it up.

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Thank you for the response.