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Reports - As many of you have already noticed, we did a little housecleaning with our reports last night to more accurately reflect the evolving reporting trends within our industry and to more importantly address frequently asked questions related to our program. The new structure clearly details the total number of people who attempted to request a given offer (Requests) and those that were accepted (Leads). Please let your account manager know if you have any questions regarding the new lay out. Payments - Payments for your March earnings were processed on Monday. We have mailed your checks and submitted your PayPal payments. If you hit the $50 minimum as of March 31, you'll be getting your payment from us within a few days. Check the Payment Report to see if you’ve earned a payment this month. Reminder: You must earn a minimum of $50 to receive payment. Let us know if we can help you to up your earning potential. RSS to Email - Don't forget to check out our new RSS to Email product. Many partners have already found tremendous success with the product and we obviously would like to see more you of experiencing the same success. In just 5 easy steps, RevResponse will customize a newsletter for you, monetize it for you, and help you to build your subscriber list. We even monetize the opt-in process as well...you simply insert a snippet of code on your site and the system will do the rest. Check the RSS to Email User Guide to learn how you can get started.
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I have a few queries on RSS to Email.

1. Do you send your newsletters also on our list? I mean the newsletters for which we do not get credit for subs.

2. In what format do you need RSS feed? Can you provide the schema or sample feed URL?


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Hi Amit,

No, the list that you build using our RSS to Email platform is entirely yours. We never touch the list or any corresponding data. You are free to export the list at any time. Quite simply, they are not our names to touch.

A properly structured RSS feed is all we need. The specific version of RSS isn't really an issue. If you're unsure of the validity of your feed, visit the following URL and check it:


You can easily test the feed and how the content renders within our email templates simply by creating a sample newsletter. Visit the RSS to Email Getting Started page and let us know if you have any questions.

You can also check out the RSS to Email User Guide for a detailed walk-through of the entire platform.


Dave Fortino
VP Audience Development
NetLine Corporation