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Hi, It's now April 14 but the latest report coming out in my account is still April 10. Any problem with reporting? Best, Ismael
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Hi Ismael,
Happy Monday! I'm glad you're being so proactive and checking your reports daily. It shows you're enthusiastic about your partnership with us, and that's great. As for the reports not showing any data for certain days, that is because on those days there was no activity on your RevResponse offers. Currently the reports only note days where your audience subscribes for an offer. Because this question has been asked a few times, we've decided to revise the reports to show each day - even those without activity.

After our next release, you'll see zeros holding the place of days where your offers received no activity. Until then, if a day is skipped on your reports that is because there were no subscriptions requested on those days.

Let me know if you have other questions about the reports!