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One report shows eEPF. Are these earnings in addition to the column that says earnings? Thanks, Barry
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Hi Barry,

eEPF stands for Effective Earnings Per Form. For instance, you could have generated 5 leads, your earnings could be $7.50, and your eEPF would be $1.50. This number will vary from day to day based on the revshare you’re earning for certain offers.

Part of what makes eEPF interesting is increased earnings coming from co-registration offers. As you may have already noticed, on some of our offers you'll see additional contextual free content and downloads on the bottom of our forms. If a visitor to your site, fills out a qualification form and selects any of the additional offers listed at the bottom of the form, you have now will earn a share of the revenue generated from those actions as well. Those earnings will appear as part of your eEPF. Below is an example of what these offers could look like: