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Hey I'd like to ask why there isn't 50$ reward in my reports even though my article was accepted? Does it mean that I will never see that reward?
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bbosiak - you'll notice in the reports we only note subscriptions and leads. There is nowhere for us to note reward earnings in the reports. I guarantee that you will get your $50 payout as part of your paypal payment this month.

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Hi Karen, do we have to request payment for July or is it automatically sent to us?
I don't use Paypal. So will I be sent a check for July soon?
Thanks for your help.

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Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your question. You will be receiving your check for the July payment later this month. You never have to request to be paid. As long as your account details are complete you'll receive payments from us regularly. For payments for your monthly earnings, those are paid on a Net 45 schedule. This means that if you hit the $50 minimum payout, you'll receive your July earnings in September and your June earnings this month.