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hi, I'm newbie on Revresponse.I want to introduce myself. My name Bambang Catur from Indonesia. I'm glad to join this program. I've make my first lead. Not much, really. Just $1.5..But it give me more spirit and self confidence. Check out my site at
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Hello Bambang,
Welcome to RevResponse. I'm glad to hear you're up and running with the program. The $1.50 is a great start. Just keep it up and that will multiply in no time.

I visited your site and it looks good. I did notice that your link to Oracle Magazine leads to a down page.

Lastly, you've edited your co-branded page to have a dark gray background. It makes the offer summaries a big difficult to read. You may want to consider editing that to a lighter gray or even making it white.

And, since you so thoroughly describe the offers on your own site (nice job!) when your users click on the "request free copy" link on your page, you may consider sending them directly to the qualification form. Make that link to instead of

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks Karen, I'd never think you'll review my site.
Thanks for your tips.
btw, can we manage our tradepub pages (i.e and add custom domain names?

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Yes. You can add sites to your RevResponse account. Feel free to email me with other domains that you own and we'll get you set up with additional partner pages for your account.