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The RevResponse Team is thrilled to announce the newest release to the RevResponse Platform and Offer Catalog. The RevResponse Offer Catalog connects publishers with the largest database of professionally relevant and enriching content from top advertising vendors across the world - and today our publisher partners will receive access to the full suite of available content, complete transparency into advertiser targets, payout values and more. Many of our publishers played an integral role in development and optimization of this product over the past few months. Thank you to those participants and we encourage your continued involvement in the platform.

Without further ado let’s get to the good stuff – the features:

    Advanced Search:

    First and foremost we have created a deeper level of search capabilities with the addition of an Advanced Search section. Found directly below the “Search” button, click “Advanced Search” to expand and filter the catalog based upon Offer Criteria and, more importantly, by your audience demographics. Read more about Offer Criteria below...

    Payout per Lead:

    The number one request from publishers has been to provide direct insight into the payout per lead value of each offer. In the past, offers were rated by earning potential and popularity, bringing together top KPIs. Today, you will find the actual payout per lead value in the catalog. As noted in the past, strictly selecting high paying offers can decrease your earning potential due to narrow lead targeting filters. Promoting both high paying offers and highly rated offers will help diversify your offer assortment and improve your overall earning potential (just like the stock market!)

    Offer Criteria:

    The number two request from publishers has been insight into each offer’s lead criteria. Rarely, if ever, will you find a platform that provides this level of transparency within the ad catalog.

    In today’s release publishers will now be able to view each offer’s “professional targets.” The targets are assigned by the advertising vendor and listed for each offer on the Offer Detail Page under “Offer Criteria”.

    How to Apply Offer Criteria: First, review your Dashboard Audience Intelligence Reports to get an up-to-date profile of your audience demographics. Second, use the Advanced Search filters to find offers matching your audience demos. By selecting offers with targets matching your audience you will be running highly optimized promotions - guaranteeing higher earning potential.

    Release Dates and Leads Left Counter:

    To help guide your offer selection process we have included the release date and leads left quantity for all offers. Now you have the ability to sort the catalog and your search results by “Release Date”.

    Most offers in the database have a desired lead quantity. As the offer reaches this lead cap, the offer catalog will display a red flag on the offer cover to let you know it’s nearing expiration. This flag is shown at 50+, 25+, and 10+ leads left. The leads left quantity can always be found on the Offer Detail Page.

    Important note: Expired offers are no longer listed in the offer catalog. Once an offer falls below “10 leads left” it will be removed from the Offer Catalog to prevent the promotion of expired offers.

    On-the-go Access:

    The RevResponse Platform and Offer Catalog provide on-the-go access from all devices. The catalog has been optimized for use on mobile with quick search and browse capabilities. Find an offer for a quick social media promotion or monitor new offer releases while you’re traveling with ease...

    Quick Social Media Promotions:

    It’s never been easier to post an offer promotion on social! In the “Assets” section of the Offer Detail page you will find promotional text that can be copied for quick social media sharing – with ease! Simply click and copy the message provided and insert into any social media tool for a fully optimized post that will automatically display the offer title, description, full size cover image and link to your request page. Feel free to edit and/or add hashtags to the copy as well depending on which channel you are using.

This is a monumental release and we are thrilled to bring this new level of data to the platform – guaranteed to increase the earning potential for all publishers.

    Good news travels fast! Early feedback…

    I love the new offer catalog -- especially the number of leads left and the advanced search capability. Well done. – Sharon

    Wow, love it. Pretty awesome. I think this will definitely help us. – Ray

    Great to see these updates!! Really awesome!! Will promote more - Samyag

Thank you again to all publishers that contributed to this project and our entire group of publishers that continue to make RevResponse the #1 B2B Publisher Network!

Try The New Offer Catalog #partnersonly

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