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Hello, The RSS feed does not validate: Please check... If feedvalidator is right about the standars, fixing the problem would help broaden the feed distribution. Thanks MK
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Thanks for reporting this. I'm passing this along to our engineers for review and will respond accordingly.

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Hi Forexaut,

As promised, below is an update on our RSS feed related findings:

1. We've corrected the validation issues with the exception of the "author". The 'author' one is trivial but in the spirit of being technically valid, it needs to include the email address. We'll review including in an email address at a later time. Due to spam related concerns, you can obviously understand our hesitance to include this.

2. We changed how the feed was being advertised from "text/xml" to "application/xml". The difference is all in how the receiver of the data chooses to deal with it. There is no difference in the data at all. So again, it was technically wrong, but the data was still correct.

3. For the feed description, somewhere along the line that got stripped.
Again, minor issue. We've gone ahead and set it to be the same as the feed's title and that validation error has gone away.

I hope this helps address your concerns. Thanks again for reporting the bugs.


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Thanks Dave