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Currently there is no way to search for a magazine by using keywords. Can we get a search box on the page ?
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We do actually provide a keyword search box on our tradepub.com look-alike pages. If you chose to have your co-branded page look like www.tradepub.com you'd have the same search box that appears on that page. Since you have co-branded your page within an iFrame, we do not have that functionality for you.

In order to continue to use your iFrame but to have some keyword functionality, I'd suggest using our widgets on some of your other site pages. You'd be able to highlight offers by keyword in these promotional spaces outside of your landing page. For more information about using keywords with the widgets, click here.

Having a search function on our partner co-branded pages is something we will look into as a potential option in the future. This option was considered, but we decided against having the search box because of the likelihood that it would compete with our partners' own internal site searches. The last thing we'd want is to have one of your site visitors come to your web site and use our search thinking it would search your site.

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Just a question on the keyword function. Does it rely on keywords entered to describe the pubs.

because it doesn`t work well..keyboard rouble here...sorry.

(edit) what i was trying to say was that the search doesn't seem to search titles and descriptions per se, but searches via keywords, which is far inferior. Often I will search for something (ie. customer) and find almost no offers, even though there are actually several, but the word customer isn't actually in the keyword field.

We need a search that searches titles and descriptions.

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Thanks for the edit. I always appreciate clarification =)

Here's a little info on how our keyword search works...
The keyword function in the promotion ad modules (the widgets) uses a search engine to get a list of offers - e.g. http://cts.tradepub.com/cts4/?ptnr=www&tm=w_nd04v&cat=&type=all&key=wire...

It currently searches the offer title, description, and the metatags – which is pretty much what you see on an offer page like: http://www.tradepub.com/free/rcr. If you run into cases where it doesn’t find offers you expect, please send us the details on the keyword you used. We always appreciate the feedback and are constantly looking to improve the platform.

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Karen try this:

use the search box on tradepub.com to search for CRM.

(I get no offers).

then try searching for the word customer.

You'll see there are CRM offers.

Go figure, eh?

(actually I suspect this might be because of using a short search string, but it's not documented, and the bottom line is it doesn't work as expected, or correctly.

(edit) Also try this:

search for leadership (I get two results)

such for leader, which obviously should return anything with the word LEADERship in it. it returns nothing. How come?

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Thanks for the examples. This will definitely help us to work to improve the search we currently have in place.

A few notes:
1. You're located in Canada -- as we've mentioned before this affects what you're able to find on your end because of our geo-targeting. If I were to search on CRM, I'd find different offers. Nevertheless, you do have a point if CRM doesn’t find stuff but CUSTOMER does.

2. The search mechanism we have in place it being investigated and hopefully will be upgraded in the near future. As you know from our past and current improvements, we are working to give you the tools you need.

We will keep you posted on progress.

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Thanks, karen. The geographic thing was the first thing I thought of, but was able to rule that out as the cause of the problem. It really looks like the search is NOT using descriptions. Hope you can identify the issue.

On another note, what happens when a publisher (like myself) edits the id in the ad and messes it up. For example, let's say my id is work911 but I put work911s in the ad code. Not that I'd do that, since I'm smarter than that....er...well.

I know the user still arrives at the proper place, but I kinda doubt I'd get credit for a signup if I mess up the code, right?

(I sent eight visitors to a great offer yesterday before discovering the mistake.

More: How do I parse your feeds?

Do I need a special application?

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You are correct; it’s impossible for us to compensate a partner when the user is delivered to an improper sub-domain (published ID). It’s integral that you use the proper sub-domains on all of your promotions -- fortunately you're smarter than that ;)

With regards to parsing our feeds, there are a multitude of methods of doing this. Many of which have a lot to do with your CMS and web publishing platform seeing that a lot of the more main-stream solutions have applications or modules that allow for simplified parsing. With that being said, I’m not really sure of your specific requirements. Perhaps this article published on XML.com would be of use for you?

Parsing RSS At All Costs: http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2003/01/22/dive-into-xml.html

I hope this helps.