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Hello, not sure if I am missing it but I think it would be great if you could add a search engine facility to the main pages sidebar where you have the clickable text option and main product category links. I think many visitors would like to do a quick search for any titles or subject matter that would apply to their industry and I know that adding a search facility is not that difficult. Hope you will find this suggestion worth pursuing. Ron Coble
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Hi Ron,
Thanks for your suggestion.

Currently the partner TradePub pages do have a search engine when a partner uses the generic TradePub template.

I see that you have customized your TradePub partner page and in doing so, the search function is no longer available. We made the choice to remove the search function from co-branded partner pages in order to remove the confusion visitors were having when they arrived on a co-branded TradePub that had a search function. We found that visitors would come to co-branded TradePub pages, see the search box, and assume they were searching your entire site as opposed to simply the TradePub offers. Because of this confusion, the search was removed from co-branded partner pages.

A note has been made to allow partners the choice to display the search function or not. We hope to make this a choice for you in the near future.

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I do agree with Ron's suggestion to have search capabilities.

It would be good if we have a choice to put in the search capability. It would benefit the advertiser, the publisher (us) as well as RevResponse.

At the moment, trying to find relevant information / whitepapers related to a specific topic can be such a pain.

Also the search function at isn't working well, I'm not sure why.

If you search for a keyword called Vulnerability Management through this link , it does not show the result for Vulnerability Management for Dummies which can be located here

Is this a real problem within the search?

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Hi Wareprise,

We take every suggestion provided by our partners and aim to create the solutions you all need. We are working on a search capability for the offer catalog and an option to have search added to the co-branded pages as well. In the meantime, if you have trouble finding relevant information feel free to contact me or anyone on the RevResponse team and let us know what you're looking for. We'd be happy to offer suggestions for various information to promote.

The search function is working just fine. The problem you're having with the Dummy Guide is related to our geographic eligibility filter. We’ve designed our search to provide geo specific search results based on the searching users' IP address. This removes the chance of a user searching for an offer that they are not eligible to receive. This offer is available to users in the US and Canada which is why you do not see it when you search by name.

This is the same exact logic that applies to our widgets and how they proactively geo target offers based on the IP address location of the user.

For now, when you're looking for specific offers, feel free to contact your account manager here in the US who can find the exact offers you're looking for and help you to promote them most effectively.

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I have to agree with the previous writers on this thread that a powerful, convenient, and obvious search engine is the most important improvement you could offer. Example: I run a large (50,000 page) blog/tech info forum. A reader may say to the other readers something like "Piping Installation Engineering magazine is a great source for you". Running an ad or linking to the mentioned magazine is super relevant. Running an ad for a different magazine is super stupid. Spending 10 minutes inconclusively determining whether that magazine is available is a waste, repeated a dozen times a week.

Similarly, if a thread is about solar energy, ads for solar energy magazines will easily outperform ads for white papers about computerized traffic lights even if they pay only a mere fraction. Rule number 1 of affiliate marketing: Relevance.

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I am totally agree
"..Rule number 1 of affiliate marketing: Relevance...."

and rule nº 2 for me is "PREDICTABILITY".

When you drive many leads to Tradepub to get some subs and you get almost 80% of rejection, you investigate, you ask to Karen (very available ..thanks Karen..) but finally you discover that publishers can do WHAT THEY WANT with your leads !!
You finally think : it is not an affiliate busines ...
it is just a lottery and a "numbers" game.

I have made MYSELF an attempt to subscribe to a white paper called "free Google Story book" and even if my company (yes we are a little company, just 6 people here) is REALLY interested by this kind of white paper, I was rejected.
Finally, I am thinking that I have to drive my energy, thoughts and my time to drive my leads towards another kind of offers than "subscription requests"...
Or am I wrong ?
Do i have to persist ?
Any thought ?
Thanks to comment

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Hi Bernard,

I’d like to address a few of your points/conclusions with the hopes of providing further transparency into our model and afford you some confidence.

1. "But finally you discover that publishers can do WHAT THEY WANT with your leads !! You finally think : it is not an affiliate is just a lottery and a "numbers" game."

While filters are certainly dictated by our clients, it's incredibly important to point out that the filters are not arbitrary things that are manually deployed. All filters are set-up prior to an offer going live on our network. When a lead is generated that fails to meet the criteria of the client it is consequently and immediately rejected. The lead is never shared with the client.

2. "I have made MYSELF an attempt to subscribe to a white paper called "free Google Story book" and even if my company (yes we are a little company, just 6 people here) is REALLY interested by this kind of white paper, I was rejected."

We completely sympathize with your position from an earnings perspective. With that being said, I would like to correct your assumption regarding the conclusion you made on the White Paper example. In the event that you were indeed rejected for the white paper, you still would receive the white paper. We still provide the content to that user for the sake of managing our your users' experience. In order to provide a positive user experience for your audience, we do not want to have them sign up for offers with you only to receive a rejection notice. We provide the content to them to protect your reputation and relationship with your audience. Again, a rejected lead would never be sent to the client because it failed to meet their requirements/targets.

I hope the above helps to address your concerns. And, as you mentioned, I am always here to help you try to find an alternative which will help with your rejects and earnings.

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Karen :

What I will NEVER understand is these "secret" filters !!!

If magazine X is searching for people involved in the ..say chemical business...
why they do not say to us , their partners, what they look for ???

We have to discover the profile of the people for EACH magazine and it is impossible...

As I told you before, we are not here to play a game. We are here to send good leads to the publisher...but How can we know which is good or not if all are SECRETS ?
These filters and these payments by subs...

And finally I have to conclude that I do not see any alternatives.
In fact, the work you ask us is just :
send us leads and we will see if they apply.

Karen, I can't work BLINDLY.
This is the way that I feel this system...
Totally unsure and efforts are not compensated at the level we hope !

Sorry but I am going to search for another system more profitable and predictable.


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Hi Bernard,
Unfortunately we are unable to disclose the publisher qualifying criteria for the specific offers. As I'm sure you understand, if we were to publish the exactly subscriber information the publishers are looking for, we would be opening our program up to fraudulent subscribers.

If you decide to continue with our program, I recommend focusing on magazines as opposed to the white paper offers. Rejection rates are lower in those circumstances and, if you find a publication that matches up with your audience, you will do very well.

I understand your frustrations and your desire to look elsewhere for a program that may fit your audience more closely. If that is your decision we wish you the best.

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Finishingdotcom -
Thank you for your added input. We are always working to improve the usability of our program.

Can you please clarify what it is you are looking for? Are you asking simply that we add a search function to our offer catalog or are you asking for ads that work by searching out key terms on a page to display relevant results?

Thanks again for your contributions.

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Thanks Karen,

I'm not looking for anything automatic to parse my pages and decide what offers are relevant, I'm just looking to be able to conveniently know what offers there are that are relevant to my pages. If a given thread on my site/blog is about electroplating, I just want to be able to quickly, easily, and conveniently determine what papers or magazines you have that cover electroplating and create an ad for one.

I see from your earlier response that offers a search engine, and I see that it's a start, but it's neither powerful nor convenient. Not powerful because it doesn't find, for example, Metal Finishing magazine if i search for electroplating, or surface finishing, or coating, etc.. The search engine doesn't even parse the one-paragraph description of the magazine. Not convenient because even after finding a relevant magazine at, we're still several steps from being able to code an ad for that magazine.

Something as dirt simple as a search engine on the "offer catalog" page that searches the one-paragraph description would be a thousand-fold improvement.

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Hi Finishingdotcom,

Thank you for clarifying your thoughts and needs.

The RevResponse team is aware of the need for both improved search functionality on TradePub and adding a search function to the offer catalog. We have a variety of projects in the RevResponse pipeline now (some visible to partners and others on the backend). Search is one of the items on our project list.

Until we roll that out for you, your account manager is happy to work with you on an individual basis to help you locate the offers you are looking for. Laurie can act as your person searcher - not to be confused for a personal shopper :).

She will email you with her direct contact information so that she can help you to be as profitable with us as possible as we work to release the enhancements to our program that you might need.

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Hi Ron et al.,

We have released the search function in the offer catalog. You can now search for offers by category, geographic eligibility, offer type, AND keyword.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Hi Karen,

GREAT NEWS!!! I have done several searches and instantly came up with a targeted list of trade pubs appropriate to the keyword or phrase. Thank you for taking action on this request!!!

Ron Coble