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Just wanted to get back on this, since the search box on the tradepubs page is still not finding a lot of publications. I know I mentioned this before and was asked for a screen shot but there's nothing to show, literally. For example, enter CRM (same problem occurs for some other terms). It can't find any publications and simply displays: "Your search term did not match any offers. Please modify your search or browse by the Subject Categories." I've replicated this on two different machines and using different browsers at this end. The weird part is there were several new crm offers listed in the new box on the same page. Obviously the engine isn't catching things.
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I know you have mentioned this before and we'd like to address it for you. But we can't figure out an error if we're not seeing it on our end.

Here is exactly what I get when I search for "CRM" in the Search by Keyword on

I am going to need a screen shot so I can evaluate exactly what you're seeing. I need to know what browsers you're using, what operating system you're using, what different terms you're trying, and shots of the errors you're getting.

Every time you've mentioned this problem we've tested it on our end and the results come out perfectly. We're not on any NetLine network that would be affecting a firewall or anything of that nature. We should be seeing exactly the same thing you're seeing.

If you can give me all of this information we can look in to it and figure out what is causing the errors.

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I'm not getting any results either when searching for CRM. The page displays "Your search term did not match any offers. Please modify your search or browse by the Subject Categories"

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What site are you searching on? Are you searching on or on If you are searching for publications/offers you'll need to search on

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I was searching on

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Hi ConsultantsUnited -- thanks for verifying what Work911 is seeing. I was beginning to think he was insane (kidding). Meanwhile, we can't get the error on our computers or find anyone we know outside of NetLine who is getting an error.

Would you be able to provide me some more information about what you're seeing and what OS you're using? Just like I asked work911, could you send me a screenshot, browser info, os info, etc? I'd appreciate it so we can look into what's going on.


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I also get no results for CRM

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We solved the mystery! None of you are crazy, and neither are we (at least about this).

What we realized is that all of you are doing your searches from outside of the U.S. We’ve designed our search to provide geo specific search results based on the searching user’s IP address. This removes the chance of a user searching for an offer that they are not eligible to receive. This is why we in the U.S. are seeing one result set and partners from Canada and the UK (in this case) are seeing another thing.

This is the same exact logic that applies to our widgets and how they proactively geo target offers based on the IP address location of the user.

For now, when you're looking for specific offers, feel free to contact your account manager here in the U.S. who can find the exact offers you're looking for and help you to promote them most effectively.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for your help solving the confusion as well!

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Thanks to both you and the other users for tracking down an answer to the mystery. There's a partial logic to the explanation, and I'm absolutely amazed that you do not provide a working search process for us to use.

You mentioned:

"For now, when you're looking for specific offers, feel free to contact your account manager here in the U.S. who can find the exact offers you're looking for and help you to promote them most effectively."

How might I know what offers to ask my account manager to look for if I can't do searches for specific words? I expect I could take up several hours a day of my account manager's time by having her search for every possible offer that might have come up that we might be interested in.

Ok. Anyway, I'm extremely pleased with the earning potential, and how we are doing with revresponse, so I'm going to refrain from further comment here about the nuts and bolts and frustrations.

Thanks again for solving the mystery.

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Work911 - The thing is, the search does actually work. It works better than simply being a keyword = results kind of search. It works in a geo-targeted way to save your audience from clicking on offers that they can't get and then keeping revenue from you and offers from them. The problem is that is doesn't work in the way you want it to.

Lucky for you, we do care that you're having trouble and we will find a way to get you what you need.

For the time being, searching for offers will have to be done by browsing through the industry categories. I am actively searching for a solution for anyone who chooses to search keywords for offers from outside of the U.S. Stay tuned...

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The search works for my visitors, but it doesn't work for me, who sends the visitors. I'm sure you understand the problem. Perhaps we're in the minority here in that we think things work better for some of our narrow niche sites if WE match the offers to the site. And to do that we need to know what's available.

Anyway, it's nothing fatal. I tried to use a proxy server with the search engine which should work theoretically if the proxy is located in the USA. No luck so far finding a working USA proxy.

Anyway, rather than my focusing on what we can't do here, I'll focus on what we can do, which is a lot. Revshare isn't perfect but it sure as heck is working well for us. I'm curious as to how much better we can make it work for us and our professional visitors to our sites!

...and if anyone else is out there who has found any neat tricks or tips to optimize results, I'd sure be interested in hearing them.

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Hi Work911,

Below is a link to a CSV export version of our XML feed. Click on the link and view it in excel as you normally would any other CSV document. As you will see, each offer has about a dozen different attributes to sort by which allows you more flexibility to dig through our selections. The column attributes obviously don’t address your specific concern regarding searching on a keyword. In this case, I’d recommend that you simply download the file every day (or however often you’d like) and leverage Excel’s search feature (Ctrl+F) and search on the term “CRM”. You’ll immediately be able to jump around from offer to offer finding those that best meet your needs.

Please be sure to download the latest version of the document each time you go through this process because we are constantly updating our offers every day.

I hope this helps to address your request.

Keep up the great work and congrats to your impressive February start.