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Hi, I wonder can you add the option of id of css, so that I can adjust the font, and link colour in Search Result page? I uses black color as my background and the search result page font seems to be grey color and link is blue color. How to change it? Thank you. Regards, p/s: like this i mean http://rmvalues.tradepub.com/c/search.mpl?keyword=automation+industry
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Hi rmvalues,

I am happy to have one of our team members make the edits that you would like to see. We adjusted the background color on the search results page to the white background that you have on all of your other co-branded pages. If you would like to edit fonts, please let me know what those edits are and I will have someone on our team work on that for you.

For its current release, we have not opened up the color/font option within the Co-branded Site Wizard. At some point, when we release another version, we will likely add those options to the tool.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Karen,
Thanks for your fast and excellent support.

Appreciate it.