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If rates of each available offer is shown, it will help lot in paid advertisement and PPC. Like if we want to invest some money to promote offers in PPC, rates play major role as we can estimate loss and profit. Like if one offer is paying $1.5/lead then we can set per click spending $0.05 in adwords but if it is paying around $15 then by setting per click spending to $0.50 will not hurt us and we can beat competition in long way. so if you could provide specific rates to each offer, it will help lot to PPC marketers like us.
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you can get a hint if you see this stats
otherwise it's designed that way so people are encouraged to show offers relevant to their website's category and not based on how much you will receive.

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Hi Arunrev - Weblord is correct. We have made a conscious choice not to display payouts per offer. This decision was made because we believe that our partners actually earn more when they choose offers based on relevance over payout. Also, just because an offer has a higher payout does not mean that you will always earn more by promoting that offer. Typically the higher paying offers are also the offers that have higher reject rates and more difficult qualifying criteria. This is why it is best to promote offers based on their relevance to your audience as opposed to what an offer pays.

With that being said, Weblord also points you to your report by offer. You can do a little math and statistical analysis to figure out approximately what an offer is paying for you.

You'll also notice that offers don't always pay out the exact same amount every time. That is because of co-registration offers. When a user subscribes to an offer and then checks the boxes for additional free offers, you get a revenue share of those offers as well. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that a payout for an offer will always be $X. This is why we denote payouts in the Offer Catalog by payout ranges as opposed to specific dollar amounts.

I hope this helps somewhat.