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The RevResponse Team is bringing in new and exclusive offers to make June 2015 your best month yet! The offers are so good that we decided to place a bet -- ALL Partners to meet or exceed their Partner Challenge June Goal will win their assigned prize!

How Does It Work?

    First: Look for your official email invitation with your unique goal and prize values
    Second: SIGN-UP! It’s free to play and free to win!
    Third: Get your promotions ready, Challenge begins Monday, June 1st 2015!

    YES! Sign me up.
    (Click or email PartnerChallenge[at]revresponse[dot]com)

Hot Offer Sneak Peek:

Throughout the month RevResponse will be releasing new and exclusive offers across all major categories and topics. The exclusive offers are high value titles we know your Audiences will enjoy. Check back on June 1st for the first titles released – and check back often as new offers are released daily.

Launching in June...

On top of all these great offers will be a brand new sweepstakes launching June 1st with multiple winners selected throughout the month. This sweepstakes is a great offer that can be promoted all month long. The specific sweepstakes prizes will be officially announced June 1st -- we like to think of it as a 'Tech Pack' to 'Cut the Cord' this Summer from your cable company…valued at + $500!

What’s My Goal & What’s My Prize?

All Partners will receive an email Wednesday, May 27th "You're Invited to the Partner Challenge”. This email includes your Challenge Goal for June and your Prize Value.

Any Publishers interested in this Challenge and signing up for RevResponse (free to join) should email partnerchallenge[at]revresponse[dot]com for details.

I'm Ready, Sign Me Up!

The Fine Print:

The June Partner Challenge is for RevResponse Partners only. To be eligible to win, Partners are required to sign up by sending an email to PartnerChallenge[at]revresponse[dot]com; Partners must sign-up by Monday, June 1st 2015. To win the prize you must meet or exceed the goal listed in your invitation email by end of day June 30th 2015. All prizes will be awarded as a cash value via PayPal or check. All Partners that meet their goal will be informed by Tuesday, July 7th 2015. Prizes will be released by Tuesday, July 28th 2015.
(Note: If you do you receive the Partner invitation email, please contact the RevResponse Team by Monday, June 1st 2015.)

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