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Hi, Would it be possible for my co-branded site to copy the look of my main site: , including the google ads where possible ? Is there a sitemap which I can submit to the search engines (what is the name ? ) Is it possible to have a Google verification page added ? (Blank html page) Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards Kris
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Hi Kris,

I put in the request for your co-brand page. It should be done in about 24 hours.

As for your sitemap question, we actually publish a sitemap for every one of our partner sites. Yours is accessible via the link below and is already being submitted to the search engines as part of our on-going SEO strategy. You don’t need to do anything.

Unfortunately, adding your Google page is not possible. As much as we’d love to offer this, the co-branded site technically sits on our servers and is part of our larger distribution network which has already been verified with Google.

Let me or Laurie know if you have additional questions.

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Kris, your cobranded page is ready. Our developers left your footer google ads but removed the large one at the top because it was just a bit too big. Here you go:

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Awesome !!!

Thank you very much.

Best regards

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You should be able to insert the google verify meta tag in the header of the site. That way the webmaster of the custom site can submit it under their own account.

Other 3rd party things that we use allow - they just have a spot in the branding section of the site for us to insert the google meta tag.

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Hi Matt -- Would you be able to provide us with some examples? We're happy to review this option and then get back to you with more details.


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an example would be

meta name="verify-v1" content="blahblahblah" /

of course there has to be < and > around that - but you can't include those and have the post show up

Every webmaster who registers with GWT is given a specific key for a site - when they add the sitemap url. So on your end its as simple as having a spot on the profile form where people could type it in. And for your developers - they just have to add this line to the header of the site.