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Hi i am a college student and planning to promote my subscribtion by printing details of this free subscribtion in our colloge notice board.But i feared that if most of the subscribtion come from the similar IP address of our university is it disqulaify my account which almost happens in other earning systems like google adsense..bit confused with this issue kindly guide me in this issue. Is this promotion is allowed or not
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no need to do that because you will get more rejects that way, free magazines are for ceo, and business owners only.

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Question is not about rejection it is about IP issue

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Hello Blogbusiness,

I understand your question is more about the IP issue than it is about rejections. What Weblord was trying to let you know is that our offers do not generally convert well with a student audience. Promotion via college boards will likely not perform well AND the IP issue will likely trigger fraud filters.

Your time and energy would be better spent with online promotions of our offers to business professionals.

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Ours college is basically teaching science and technology and there are many magazines related to biotechnology,and there options for research students like phd,postdoc etc why not possible