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I was wondering why does not TRADEPUB update the subscription order every 2 hours, we have to weight untill 11AM, that is strange. We should have real time access on to see what is going on right now. additionally I found you should also give us the country of location from where the order subscription is received as this helps us to evaluate the visitor flow. Rick
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Hi Rick,

Thanks for your feedback. We're evaluating report frequency and will provide further updates as we progress with the review discussions. At this point, there are a ton of other exciting features currently being worked on that need to be cleared from our plates prior to changing the report frequency.

As for your comment about the country of location, while we can't tell you what countries your leads are coming from, we can tell you that any promotions you run using our widgets are geographically targeted toward your site visitors. The widgets read IP addresses and only show offers to your audience members who are eligible for them.

Keep the feedback coming...