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hello everybody....i want to announched that i was joined in UK SEO Contest proudly by UK Webmaster Forum..that is my SEO page: kabonfootprint the key phrase is "kabonfootprint".. I hope the Netline.Inc will have create a SEO contest too... I think SEO is wonderful games Thank..I appreciate if you give me backlink... Best regards
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hi everybody
pl tell me how to create paypal account
pl suggest me which site we should use

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Hello 8diksha - welcome to RevResponse. I see you added a widget to your site. It looks good. Make sure you check out the "Using RevResponse" links to help you get started with all of our tools.
1. Get Started
2. Promote RevResponse Offers
3. Customize your partner site
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For setting up a PayPal account, you'll want to visit

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i would like to support the op (original poster) by adding this one up, you can list your site on it's my surname and i made it into a general directory, all free submission are accepted.

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karen need a credit card to verify your paypal account so you can withdrawl your money...and promote revresponse so you can get more earning....
Paypal is good and Revresponse is better (to make money online)....