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I know the facility here doesn't exist, but I'm wondering if any of the tech wizards at revresponse could take a crack at finding a way for use to track ad impressions and clicks. I don't need to know specifically what pub is clicked on but I need to evaluate which creatives work best where. Please, please please?
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The tech wizards at RevResponse are working to offer you the tracking that you request. We're reviewing a solution that could help us make significant strides in this area but it's still going to be some time.

We know how important these tools are to you and we are hopeful to provide you with a solution in the future. Thanks for your patience and for your input.

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Thank you Karen. I think it will make a HUGE difference in how we will be able to optimize things, if we know what people are clicking on, and what they are ignoring.

I'm still losing a lot of possible money because I don't have the time or ability to keep up with offers that are discontinued. If I have impression/click tracking working, then I'll replace all my specific ads with those from the ad wizard.

Anyway, I can be patient. I know we're leaving lots of money on the table because of these things, but what the heck.

(Now, I'm still missing a check - the one that was fedexed still isn't here, I don't think).

PS. I can track impressions via openads or admanager (both are adserving software). It's the clicks that are the problem.

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I will keep you posted as we develop the tools you're looking for. Maybe I'll send our super-developers your way for your guidance as they move forward =)

As for the missing check, I know we re-sent it last week. Laurie is following-up now and we'll be in touch shortly with more info.

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We just tracked the package and it looks like it is set to be delivered today. Can you please let us know when you receive the check? Thanks.

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Yes, it arrived a few minutes ago.

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You may want to consider an alternate option to provide the same functionality for tracking impressions and clicks, so you might pass this on the the tech folks.

I use adserver software to serve some of my ad units (Openx, which is free and open source, and Google Admanager, which is free). Both of these can be set up to track a number of different ad networks statistics, but they have to "know" how to do it specific to the particular system.

So, rather than, or in addition to eventually having the stats capabilities "in your house" if you can do what's necessary to have both admanager and/ openx be able to track this stuff, that would work, too, I think.

I'm not a tech person, per se, but I suspect the work involved to make revresponse trackable by these adservers is rather small relative to setting a complete in house solution.

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That's a great suggestion. We have experience with both AdManager and OpenX and will definitely consider them while working out the impression and click tracking.

Jay Kalpathy
CTO, NetLine Corporation

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Jan et al, could you contact me via email or give me your email address so maybe we can get something going for admanager or openx?

Maybe I can help.

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Hi Work911 - thank you for your enthusiasm and availability. There's currently a ton already on the roadmap (including this) that will be addressed shortly. We'll be sure to reach out when we are ready.

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I wasn't clear. I have a question, so I'll just post it here.

Is there any way to use the click macros in google admanager to track clicks? If so, how can it be done?

Is there any way to kludge things so clicks can be tracked through admanager or openx?

Is there any other option that I can pursue at this end (having a javascript created, or something similar) until you folks offer this essential feature?

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hi karen my june earnings check didn't arrive still.can u track that one ?

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Hi MK - I believe Laurie looked into this for you last week. According to our accounting department, the check was sent on 8/15. It has yet to be cashed. This could mean something happened with your mail delivery. Our standard policy is to wait 90 days before we re-issue.

We will check the status of the check again next month. If it has yet to be cashed, we will send you a new check next pay period. The check will then be re-issued on 10/15.

Thanks for your patience.