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Karen and crew ... I have links up all over the place for FREE Website magazine ... yet everyday I see ZERO sign ups. Even direct email drops do not score even ONE. What is the problem? It sure looks like you are not crediting us with any signups. I am using the right links. But when they do not come to you direct from my email address we NEVER seem to get any sign ups. I have NOT been given credit for ONE signup direct from my website ... only personal emails. Why NOT. Plus, I have no idea how many people are even clicking thru to the sign up pages ... I know when I click thru it goes to the right place. I am 100% sure we are not getting credit for signups or someone is poaching all our sign ups. You cannot send out 10,000 emails and have over 100,000 people see ads for Website magazine and not get ONE signup. Please check into this problem. Fred Conquest, CEO MasterMind Communications
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Hi Fred,
In order to give you more information about the activity you are seeing, I'll need to know more from you in order to assess what is going on. I will follow-up via email because I'll be asking questions that you may not want to share publicly.

I am unable to locate the links you say you have up all over your site. I'll need to know where you are posting these links and I'll need to know more about your audience.

Additionally, it is important to discuss where your mailing list is coming from. You say when you email offers from another means other than directly from you, you see no success. I'll need to know how you are sending these mailings and where your opt-in list came from.

Understanding your audience is key to your success with RevResponse. Look for an email from me this morning.

FYI - I do see one signup this month for Website Magazine in your account.