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If I have missed this already being done, then I apologize, but I think it would help if you would publish, at least weekly, an update with a list of NEW publications being offered, as well as others that are no longer available. It would also be nice if we could OPT IN to a notification service if a specific publication was pulled or being pulled, this way we could update our pages to another publication or group of pubs. Thanks, Ron Coble
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Hi Ron,
Thanks for your comments. We are aware of a need for these types of notifications and alerts and creating this feature is high on our priority list. I'll be sure to let you know when we release this capability.

In the meantime, the immediate solution would be to leverage our XML catalog and write a script that scrubs the offers you are promoting to your audience with those that exist in the catalog. The catalog updates multiple times per day and so long as you ran your call at a similar frequency, your exposure of promoting expired offers would be dramatically reduced.

We're hoping to have the notification function available soon. Thank you for your feedback.

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Additionally your partner specific RSS feed would also be a good solution to stay on top of new offers as they are released.

Let me know if you would like more information.

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i think the newsletter with email alert, the blog and the forum will do this for now it's just a habit of frequenting here and read the posts, it all takes a minute of your time.