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Hi everyone, I did not see any step by step code examples for connecting to the Raw XML feed in an ASP.NET page. The process was not quite as simple as I expected, so I documented the process. Hopefully this will help any other users looking to integrate the XML TradePub Catalog into an ASP.NET site using Visual Studio (2008 in this case). Here is a link to my guide: You can see my live page in action here:
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Brian - This is a great instruction guide and your live page looks great as well. Thank you for sharing your notes with other partners. I also like the RevResponse referral link included in your instructions -- excellent creativity.

On a separate note, I didn't see your name on our July Challenge participant list. Consider signing up and let me know if you're in.

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After talking to Jay, there were some concerns with performance and load on the server hosting the XML feed. I updated my article to include caching settings on the XmlDataSource control. It looks like this resolves that issue. The article is still available at the link above.