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I wanted to test out promoting these magazines in one another way- with videos at Youtube (basicly making up a video how they can get free magazines with link to my website ) Wanted to ask Is it's ok also to promote magazines in such a way? As I haven't seen anyone else doing this? Also I ordered myself few magazines ( not from my link of course) and got few days back one magazine with attached in package an mp3 player with information pack, can I also mention in that video that by ordering the same magazine as I did if they are intereted in it they might receive such a player for them as well like it was for me? Thanks!
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I think this is an interesting idea and something I'm excited for you to try out. This is a type of promotion of our offers that we have yet to try but we've love for you to give it a go.

You'll have to explain to the video audience how the sign-up process for the offers works and point them in the direction for them to fill out the qualification form, but I think it's a good idea to try something new. Will you post links to the videos here on the forum so we can check them out?

As for mentioning the free mp3 player, go for it. Make sure you say that it came with yours when it arrived but that you're not sure every issue will come that way -- because we're not sure either!

And, you can actually sign up for the offers via your own link. As long as you qualify, go ahead and sign up and take the credit for it just don't abuse the system.

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wow awesome!
Thanks a lot!

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Which magazine did you get the mp3 player? I'd love to mention that that type of incentive is possible when subscribing.