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Have You Promoted the New eBook Page?

Let's start with how to access and promote your own page...

How to Access Your Page:

Just like all other TradePub promotional URLs, this page includes a base URL to combine with your our co-branded sub domain. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Start with the base URL: http:// (do not promote this)

2. Personalize the base URL: http://[insert your sub-domain here]

Example: Our partner Makeuseof's personalized URL is:

How to Promote Your Page:

Publishers have already begun promoting the eBook page. We have gathered examples to share with you. Overall, promoting this page is simple. Select a cover image from the page to use as your visual - or create your own. If you'd like to use the cover collage we have included above, use this image URL:

Popular headlines are: "Top 15 Free eBooks, 15 Free Tech and Productivity eBooks, This Week's Top 15 Free eBooks," etc...And don't forget to use your personalized URL, with your sub-domain.

[Example of Makeuseof's email promotion for the eBook page, shown above. Makeuseof also includes text at the end of each blog post with a call-to-action link to their personalize eBook page, shown below.]

More Great Examples of eBook Page Promotions:
Using a right rail advertisement to promote a specific offer with an additional text link to promote the eBooks page.
Additional text link added to the homepage for "Free E-book resources" alongside a specific eBook offer promotion.

How to Track Success:

We have already setup channel code tracking on the page; to access the data go to Report by Channel Code. For ease, offers are tracked by placement on the page. You will see “ep1” “ep2”… “ep12” in your report, use these codes in conjunction with the offers on the page to analyze the types of topics trending for your audience.

About the Page:

A destination featuring our hottest new eBook offers...Each week we pull together the newest and most popular eBook releases to feature on the page. The page includes a wide assortment of topics in both full eBook and sample chapter/excerpt formats. Towards the bottom of the page you will see call-to-actions to view additional topics.

We encourage you to take advantage of this new destination in your campaigns - great for exclusive weekend promotions when your audiences may be eager to sit down with a new book. But of course, test the timing and frequency with your audience and measure their peak activity time. Let us know what you think!

Note: All offers featured on this page are available for a limited time; availability subject to change. During this beta test the page will be updated weekly on Fridays.

Good luck with your promotions and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!

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