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I just signed up for this site, because of curiosity. I was able to read the confirmation email that you have sent me.. ut seriously I don't know what should I do, in order to earn money.. please do briefly explain the things that I should do.. and what are the things that I should not do... thanks
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Welcome to RevResponse! It is up to you how you'd like to promote our offers to your audience in order to generate income. Placing code in your blog is a great start. You can also link to your co-branded tradepub site to promote any specific offers or just that page in general.

Here are some suggestions to get started:
Add a link to your co-branded site to your homepage.

Create a widget in our ad wizard and place it on your site to begin promoting offers to your audience.

Write a blog post about one of the magazines/downloads we have that will best fit your audience. Link to the qualification form within your co-branded site to encourage your readers to signup for that offer.

Feature one of our offers in a mailing or enewsletter.

You will earn revenue from us for every qualified subscription or lead you generate. Any of your site visitors who request our offers will fill our a qualification form. If their information meets the needs of our content providers, they will get the subscription and you will get paid.

For more specific help, contact your account manager: Laurie (

I hope this helps!