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Hi there, I just joined here and this seems interesting. For a quick start guide can somebody explain what kind of stuff are available and which are the best selling ones? My site is are there any suitable content which can be promoted through my site? Can I use more than one site? I have few more sites and planning some sites which are more targetted towards the South Asian Audience. Are there any suitable content available? I was given a site from here. How can I use that to earn revenue? Appreciate if somebody can explain and answer my queries. Thanks and Regards Shafraz
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Hello shafraz. Welcome and thank you for your questions. You will get an email from your account manager, Laurie Sparango, introducing herself and giving you a few tips for working with us. She'll be your personal source for learning how to earn with our offers.

When you received your username and password from us we also provided you with a link to your co-branded site. You can choose to promote any/all of those offers to your audience. You'll want to feature offers for your audience that they will be most interested in. When they sign up to receive these offers and are accepted, you'll be paid. All offers pay out differently but you can check your earnings in the reports you'll see in the left navigation column of RevResponse.

You are welcome to promote offers on any/all sites you own and operate. Make sure you're showing the internationally available offers to your South Asian audience. You'll find these offers under the "geography" section of your TradePub page.

I hope this helps you get started. Please let me know if you have any other questions we can help you with.

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I am David,the president of, I am concerned that I have not been able to make money with my websites.Can someone teach me what to do to generate income for my websites.

David Adeleke