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What Most Bloggers Haven't Considered About RSS to Email

RSS to Email - Monetization

I was reading an article this week about email marketing for bloggers, why everyone should be doing it, and the easiest tools to get started. It was a great article for beginners. However, whether you are a beginner blogger or a seasoned extraordinaire, ALL bloggers should make room for one more feature on their website and in their wallet - monetization. Bloggers should be thinking bigger when it comes to their web traffic, audience, and communications. You have an excellent opportunity to develop a unique audience based upon your expertise and opinions. Creating and growing your own personal community is rewarding, but bloggers should be thinking about what their community can do for them. And even though many may say it’s not about the money... it's about the money! Establishing your blog with a regular posting schedule is Step 1. Growing you audience by adding an RSS to Email feature, is Step 2. Step 3 is Monetization. Every page, every tool, every newsletter, and every touch-point that is produced under your blog, has an opportunity to be monetized. What I mean by that is each of these "assets" can make you money. Today, Display Networks reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide (Source: Comscore) illustrating the adoption of web site monetization today. Why should your blog be any different? You might say, "I refuse to add distracting advertisements to my site that my readers will hate." This is the opinion of many, and I agree. But the exciting news is that there are other ways, smarter ways, to monetize your blog. RevResponse has developed several native advertising tools for bloggers that add relevant professional content, like: white papers, eBooks, and tutorials to blogs and email newsletters without damaging your readers' experience. By using native ad content that relates to your audience's professional interests you: minimize the risk of disrupting readers, increase content offering and monetize your content.

    "RevResponse provided us with an alternative way to take advantage of our user base by keeping them engaged with our brand, our site and our content. Using RevResponse has given us an additional way to generate income, without cannibalizing on existing revenue sources." - was the first RevResponse partner to test the RSS-to-Email strategy (launching 2010), including Confirmation and Thank You Page modules. The tools have continued to drive powerful results for; Q1-Q2 2014 revenue is +127% year over year. Plus, database growth +40% since 2012 with a total list of 58k subscribers. To learn more about the RevResponse free RSS-to-Email tool and monetizing your blog, contact the Team Plus, you can always find us on Twitter @RevResponse, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
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