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hi, i just saw different dollar marks in the offer catalog for different magazines/downloads.could you please tell me how much is "$" "$$" "$$$" equal to exactly?.also tell me when does the magazine's downloads complete.i mean when subscriber subscribes and gets qualified OR when he downloads the same as well after getting qualified?.one last question,is there any limit on our per day/month earning ?
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Hello ekta,

We encourage our partners to promote publications based on relevance to their audience as opposed to payouts. This is why we don’t disclose the actual payout amounts for each publication. That said, we provide the ‘$$$’ within the offer catalog to give you some idea as to where the payout range would be for a given offer. As we note on our homepage and throughout the site, our offer payouts range from $1.50 to $20 per qualified subscription. Based on that range, you can assume that one '$' is at the lower end of that range, three '$$$' is at the higher end of the range, and that two '$$' falls in the middle.

As for our downloadable content, any user who submits a qualification form will receive the offer. If they meet the qualifying criteria, they receive the offer, their information is provided to the offer publisher, and you are paid. If they don't meet the qualifying criteria, they still receive the offer (if it is downloadable) BUT their information is not provided to the publisher, we are not paid for that user and therefore we cannot pay you.

We still provide the content to that user for the sake of managing our your users' experience. In order to provide a positive user experience for your audience, we do not want to have them sign up for offers with you only to receive a rejection notice. We provide the content to them to protect your reputation and relationship with your audience.

*This is not the case with magazine subscriptions as our clients will not mail out hard copies to unqualified individuals. You'll see that on your partner page in the description it reads "all are absolutely free to professionals who qualify." You can use that as your disclaimer as well.

Lastly, there is no limit to your earnings. We will pay you whatever you earn so reach for the stars. Be sure to read our terms and conditions to ensure that you are promoting legally and then go for it!