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Hi, I've tried to modify revresponse magazine offer with wordpress blog, as you can see majalah gratis I've tried to promote them and got some visitors, buy I still don't see any lead generated. Can you please check the html frame that I used for the revresponse page, is that correct?
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Hi majalah,

I checked out your site and it appears that you have linked correctly. If a visitor to your site were to fill out one of the qualification forms, we'd have data about those. So far, it looks like you've had 23 unique visitors to those forms but no one has completed a form.

Do you have an email list? Maybe you could try sending out a mailing with some of the offers. Tell your audience that they could receive these offers for free but they need to fill out the form in order to do so.

It's worth a shot. I hope this answers your question.