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I am unable to find My Refferal link at My Account section.So,Please suggest where it is. I want to invite some people through it.
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Make sure you link to RevResponse with your referral code in order to get referral credit!

How to use your Referral link:
So, if your co-branded site is http://sitename.tradepub.com, your referral link
would be: http://www.revresponse.com/join.php/?refbrand=sitename.

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Thanks indie! You're a great member of this forum =)

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Now there's a new way to refer partners to RevResponse. You can just pick up a referral badge and place it on your site. Go here to pick one up!

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Thanks indiecorporate,
Can You tell me some tips by which I can use this service to earn more.
Have You ever Earn with this program....

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Hi lhte - there are lots of tips we can give you to earn some great revenue. If you want tips specific to your account, contact your account manager, Laurie Sparango (lsparango@netline.com). She'll be happy to help you!

Some getting started tips can be found here: