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Hi, I referred my wife, a teacher and a scientist in Biotechnology to Tradepub.com through my affiliate link in start of Dec., 2008. Her application for subscription to BioTechniques was rejected with a message stating three reasons: * You selected a response to one or more questions which may not meet the publisher's qualification criteria. * The publication selected is not available in the country you reside in. * Publications are only free to working professionals. Not students. The second and third reason were not valid at all in her case as the offer was valid in India (Asia) plus she didn't select Student. In such case, only first reason should have sent to her. Anyway, after rejection, she got mail from Tradepub advising her to check the subscription to the same magazine BioTechniques and others like Pharmaceutical Manufacturing but now without my affiliate link. She filled the form again with the same details hoping that I will get credit. On 20/01/2009, my wife subscription was approved by the same magazine – BioTechniques, and she got an email from BioTechniques that she has been successfully subscribed (She got her login and password). After this, I checked my RevResponse account reports and didn't find any credit for this till 21/01/2009 and I am sure that I will never get it now. My queries are: - If her first application to BioTechniques subscription through my affiliate link was rejected then why she got email for the same and similar magazines but now without my referral link. It seems that this is the tactic to avoid giving the commission to the Affiliate, right? According to me, I must always be given credit for a customer whose details came in Tradepub database due to my efforts. Am I right or I didn't read the policies? I really found it shocking as I was used to just give prospective lead to the Tradepub for FREE and rejection was done knowingly without any reason so that the same customer can be contacted directly without affiliate link later. Tradepub was not knowing that the customer sent for the magazine subscription was known to me and I was tracking it. I did this purposefully to assure myself that the payments are done genuinely. I did this as a test and after completion of it, depending on the results, I was to start devoting more time in RevResponse promotion. Some more data relevant to this incident is: My RevResponse affiliate link: http://pctipstricks.tradepub.com My wife's email address used for BioTechniques subscription: ecc999@yahoo.com Email sent after first rejection advising her to check the BioTechniques subscription was from: Announcements@Tradepubs.nl00.net Links sent to her for the second time after first rejection of the form filled through my affiliate link (Notice - All the given below links are non affiliate links - direct links of Tradepub): http://sf.tradepub.com/free/biot/prgm.cgi http://sf.tradepub.com/free/phm/prgm.cgi http://sf.tradepub.com/free/bow/ http://sf.tradepub.com/free/bow/ http://sf.tradepub.com/free/lbmg/ http://sf.tradepub.com/free/cli/ http://www.tradepub.com/ Thanks that I started promoting with the person known to me and came to know this smart tactic to cheat Affiliate commission. As far as I see, this type of smart technique must be being used for other affiliates too - Customers sent by them are purposefully rejected (because they will have to be paid by Tradepub) giving nonsense list of rejection with points. And then, after getting the name and email details etc., prospective customers are contacted directly without any affiliate link by Tradepub making money to them upon successful approval by the magazine Co., cutting chances of paying any affiliate commissions. Some percentage of customers subscription approvals are done for the affiliates and payments too are done to show that RevResponse is paying to stop everyone from non-promotion. I am really feeling very bad that RevResponse is using such low tactics to make money for themselves by directly corresponding with the leads that were passed to them by their affiliates. The whole idea according to me is to make money cutting the genuine affiliate commissions (how much is the volume? - RevResponse/Tradepub knows). Any logical replies? BTW - How much money did you made from this one lead? It might not be too much but if you multiply by the number of affiliates who are getting cheated like me, then it will be a good amount, Right? Regards, Rajesh Mago
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Hello Rajesh,
Thank you for your note. Your confusion is understandable and I am happy to explain what happened in this situation and to remedy any frustration or trepidation you are feeling toward RevResponse.

I can assure you that there is no foul play involved here. We pride ourselves in being transparent and fair.

As you know, every publication has specific eligibility requirements that are set by the offer publisher. Generally, one or more of the following is required: 1. the subscriber’s work requires them to be informed and up-to-date about the subject matter covered by the trade publication, 2. the subscriber needs information about the types of products that are advertised or discussed in the trade publication, and/or 3. the subscriber evaluates, recommends and/or purchases types of products that are advertised or discussed in a trade publication.

In the case of BioTechniques, the publisher set a certain criteria when their offer first started appearing on RevResponse and at a later date changed those filters. Publishers set filters in order control the overall profile of the people that subscribe. At some point they might have enough people who fit a certain criteria and so they stop accepting more of the same. Later, the subscriber profiles may start to become unbalanced so the publisher opens their approval criteria to be more broad. This can happen from time to time. And, in this case, the filters changed between the time your wife applied through your link and through the TradePub link.

We are more than happy to compensate you for this lead in order to dismiss any ill-will you have toward us. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and we will be sure to pay you for your efforts for this subscription.

We send emails similar to the TradePub email that your wife received to anyone who opts-in to our mailings. These are newsletters that subscribers have the chance to opt-in to on the bottom of every form displayed across our network. This is clearly presented to all users as a choice and nothing more. This works in the same capacity as every other established affiliate program from Amazon on down. Subscribers have the opportunity to receive email alerts from us in the future making available other titles related to their needs. Every affiliate program in existence takes this position. We set down the path to aggressively reward our partners for the leads that they generate up front and hope that you are pleased with the payouts you receive for the qualified subscriptions you generate.

I hope this helped to address your questions and concerns. We sincerely appreciate your partnership and thank you again for your input. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me directly at karen@revresponse.com.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for providing explanations. I am not convinced with any of your answers.

Talking of transparency at your end - How many of RevResponse affiliates know that RevResponse is silently building an email list from the approved/unapproved magazine subscribers brought by them? Are you paying these affiliates for this money making list? No! Are you paying affiliates when the same first time unapproved magazine subscriber (brought by the affiliate) becomes approved after filling the form in future (from your direct links)? No! Then how are you people transparent?

From my experience, it’s clearly evident that RevResponse is misusing affiliates to bring traffic and leads to make a large share of money for them self. An honest company will always give monetary credit to an affiliate for a lead brought by him/her that matures in one or more attempts and RevResponse is not doing so.

Blaming frequent changing filters by magazine Co.'s and capturing the details of the rejected magazine subscribers for newsletter purpose are tactics meant to make money for RevResponse and not for affiliates.

Do continue eating affiliate commissions like this and talking of valuing your affiliates who according to me are making more money for RevResponse rather than for themselves.

I don't want any compensation for the BioTechniques lead that came into your database through me - first declined from my link and then accepted from yours (Tradepub) using your newsletter subscription funda. The reason is that I don't trust RevResponse at all and don't want to continue working as an affiliate.

Please delete my account from RevResponse database immediately.

Rajesh Mago

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I am disappointed to hear that you would like to close your RevResponse account. Of course, if that is your final decision we are happy to do it for you. We certainly will never force any partner to continue a relationship with us if they are not comfortable doing so.

Before ending our relationship I’d like to make one more effort to explain our program and our policies on the issues that are causing your concerns. The RevResponse team thanks you for your candor and for the opportunity to clarify confusion to you and to our other partners.

You asked if our partners are aware that subscribers to partner-promoted offers may later receive emails directly from RevResponse. These emails are not a secret. We do not intent to “scam” any of our partners. Our partners are our livelihood and we respect and appreciate all of your efforts and promotions. The emails that you are referring to are mailed only to users who choose to opt-in on the bottom of every form displayed across our network. We have never hidden that the users have the ability to opt-in for these messages. Again, it is the choice of the user to subscribe to receive email alerts from us in the future when there are other titles available that are related to their needs. If you work with other affiliate networks, you’ve surely seen this in the past.

One prime example is Amazon.com’s affiliate program. When a users clicks on a product from a partner’s site and proceeds to buy that item, the partner is paid. Later, Amazon.com will email users recommending products and providing direct Amazon.com links.

We are not disregarding the point that you are making but this is the economic course we have opted to pursue. As I mentioned before, RevResponse chose to provide aggressive payouts to our partners up front in order to compensate you for the work that you do. With that being said, we have thousands of partners that have been with us for years making more today than they ever have.

Rajesh – if you look in your reports you will see that we have added the commission for your originally rejected subscription to your account. If you still choose to close your account we will do that for you. But again, I encourage you to stay and pursue a partnership with us. You have the potential to do very well with our program if you choose to stay.

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Thanks for your detailed explanations.

I am still not interested in working as a RevResponse affiliate and thus would like to get my RevResponse account closed.

BTW - $1.5 is not an aggressive payout according to me.


Rajesh Mago

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Hi Karen,

I had requested for deletion of my account and details from RevResponse on 23/01/2009.

It's now more than one week and you people have not deleted my account, Why?

Kindly delete all my details from RevResponse right now (login id, affiliate site and my details etc.).

Why don't you provide a facility of deleting of account to the account holder itself, why so much correspondence is required for a simple job?

Please don't waste my time and yours too on this any more.


Rajesh Mago
RevResponse login:rajeshmago
Tradepub Affiliate URL: pctipstricks.tradepub.com

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i think i've read here somewhere else there's no facility of deleting an account, just don't promote your affiliate tradepub url, thats what you can do for now.

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Mm... This is not making me fell good. Since his wife tried it, he was able to track this issue.

If similar things is happening to my readers who were initially rejected and later getting approved by tradepub without my affiliate link, I would also be not so happy.