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I am monitoring my account from quite a long time and i found that most of my leads are rejected don't know why, may rev response is not providing global service. This month from 29 leads only 2 are selected and 27 are rejected. Can anybody put some light on it ? Regards, Pawan
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Hi Pawan,

I understand your frustration regarding the rejections you are seeing. Unfortunately, the reason you are seeing so many rejects is directly related to your site's audience. Because your site is largely aimed at engineering students, those are the same individuals who subscribe to our offers. Since our offers are all B2B-focused, most of our publishers are looking for leads from professionals and requests from students are rejected.

Any of your users who request white paper offers will still receive the downloadable content and be able to learn from those offerings but the lead won't be passed on to the publisher and so you will see it logged as a reject.

I hope this helps.