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I sent newsletter regarding oracle offer to around 400 peoples who are related to tech field on 22nd of june. But Now it is 25th of june and no subscription! What may be problem.
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The problem is none of them interested :p

Frei Kostenlose Magazin

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Hi Arunrev,

It is possible that no one was interested, but not likely. I'd like to see a copy of the email you sent out. I might be able to make more conclusions or suggestions if I see what you sent out. Can you send me a copy?


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Subject: Hello Aprelium Mate. checkout this free Oracle magazine page

I just received my copy of oracle magazine for free. When first my friend
told me about it, i did not believe that i can get Oracle magazine for free!
. But now i believe and want to share this stuff with you guys too. You
just need to show your wish and apply on this page to get it for free:
If you do not want to receive these kind of emails from me , let me know and i will delete your id from my contact list.

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Try sending it to me via email, the same way you send it to your list. I wonder if it gets caught as spam.

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I sent same email from this id:

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Hi Arunrev,
I did not receive the email. It may be getting flagged for spam. Have you run it through some spam checking software to see if the message and/or subject are setting off spam alerts that might be keeping it from getting to your list?

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I know for a fact some of my clients have signed up and there are no reflections on your report, can you tell me why this is.???

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Hi LaTonya,
I can certainly look into this. Can you please email me with the details of your clients who have signed up? I do not have any record of these subscribers, but if you can provide me with their details I will try to get additional information for you.

Email them to:

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What does the body of the email have to do with people signing up
for a FREE magazine subscription.

Here's a copy of the ad on my webpages:

Get Your FREE Subscription To Website Magazine. Click Here.

There Is No Cost. No Credit Card Required. To
Claim Your Free Subscription Just Click On The Link.

100K plus views and Nothing. The link works ...

I use the same headline in my emails except I add a paragraph
similar to what it says on the offer page for the character
of the magazine.

Just this week we are I sent the email to over 30,000 people
on my list to subscribe to Website. They ALL have websites.
ZERO, NADA, ZIP. Not even rejections.

This problem has been going on since January. I get a lead when
I send the link from the offer pages for a particular magazine
to individuals, but NOTHING to any list I have, to click thrus
from PPC or from ads on my webpages.

My TWO subscriptions for this month came from a NON list individual
who I sent the two links direct.

I would like to know what is the problem. Seems to me you have
some kind of suppression list in operation. I would not be upset
about it if you told us ... and I would not be upset if I saw
100 rejections ... but ZERO, NADA, ZIP is unacceptable.

You seriously need to look into this problem in a big way.

Fred Conquest, CEO
MasterMind Communications

P.S. One thing I would suggest is you inform us of clicks received
for each offer to go along with just the actual sign ups and rejections.

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Hi Fred,

Thank you for expressing your concerns. I know both Laurie and I have responded to you in the past to discuss this problem. It likely has to do with where you are getting your traffic from. Laurie is following-up with you via email today to work one-on-one with you to remedy the problem and make suggestions to improve your conversions.

You make mention of a "suppression list" on our end. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "suppression list" but I can assure you that every form that is filled out by your users is being shown in our reports. If a form is completed, it is marked as either a sub or a reject.

You say that the subscriptions you do generate are from people that are individuals as opposed to a generated mailing list. That is not surprising. When you mail to individuals or make a suggestion to someone you know is in a specific field or has a rapport with you, you are much more likely to have a conversion. I would imagine that you would find that result to be true for any service and not just ours. When you know someone, and you know their interests, your suggestions and offers are more appealing.

Laurie will be in touch...