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'Generate Ad Code' link in the Promotion Wizard is not responding.
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Hi Deb. I was unable to reproduce it with my browser, could you please tell us a little more about the environment you are seeing this bug in? What would be most helpful is knowing 1) What OS are you running, 2) What browser & version you are using, and 3) what selections you made all the way to the point of wanting to hit "Generate Ad Code".

Thanks for the feedback!


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I use Windows XP and IE 7

In the Ad Wizard I picked the following:

Offer Placement - email
Ad Type - solo/third party
Mailing Layout - Layout B
Industry: Information Technology
Content Type: Magazines and Downloads

Next I clicked "Generate Ad Code" for me to copy.

Nothing appears in the box.

This only appears to happen when "solo/third party" is selected.

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Thanks Deb, this was very helpful!
I was able to reproduce the behavior and we have a fix already released on the site.

The bug was in a javascript library, so it is very important that you clear your browser cache to make sure it picked up the new library.

Let us know how it goes.


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I cleared the cache and everything is working as it should.


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Case closed.

Thanks for the feedback along the way Deb.

Dave Fortino
VP Audience Development
NetLine Corporation