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Hi, I have used the site wizard to produce the tradpub catalogue at and it looks kinda like my home site However, I am using the CMS Joomla! and would prefer to embed the catalogue into the site seamlessly using your xml data. I have seen several mentions of the xml file data but no clear guidance as to where I can access it and how to use it. Please can you advise, Thanks, Josie
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Hi Josie. I'm glad to see you becoming active with RevResponse.

Here’s the information about the XML feed:

The feed contains the following fields for each publication in our catalog:
<PubName> - Name of the Publication
<PubCategory> - Category Code (See below for full category names)
<PubCode> - our code for each pub
<PubShortDescription> - Short description (one line)
<PubDescription> - Long description (one paragraph, with HTML tags)
<PubMeta> - meta tags for the pub, if you want to drive search
<PubURL> - URL for the pub "splash" page, which has more info on the pub
<PubSubscriptionURL> - Subscription URL (qualification form) for the pub
<ImageName> - Name of the image file
<ImageURL> - Full URL for the pub image

The catalog is refreshed at 1 AM (PST) and every 4 hours after that. There are multiple updates to the catalog every day — adds, drops, and form changes — so it is important that you update your copy of the catalog on a regular basis (preferably daily; no less than weekly) to ensure that your list of pubs is always current.

Our live catalog feed is available in raw XML:

or CSV format:

** for other partners, please swap out "projectmagazine" with the name you see on your partner page. Whatever your sitename is - - is what you will place in that part of the code. **

Be sure to view the feed in Internet Explorer to view the full feature set.

Here is a category mapping table, which maps our category codes to their full category names. That table can be used for easy reference. If you plan to display this content on your site, we recommend calling and updating the file on a daily basis, since our titles do change frequently.

Category Code -- Category Name
Ag -- Agriculture
Auto -- Automotive
Biop -- Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Comp -- Computers
Cons -- Construction
Edu -- Education
Eng -- Engineering
Exec -- Executive & Management
Fi -- Finance
Foodb -- Food & Beverage
Govt -- Government
Heal -- Healthcare
Hr -- Human Resources
Ind -- Industrial & Manufacturing
Inet -- Internet
Info -- Information Technology
Infodm -- IT – Data Management
Infosec -- IT – Security
Infosoft -- IT – Software & Development
Infostor -- IT - Storage
Insur -- Insurance
Mech -- Mechanical / Machine
Mect -- Meetings & Travel
Media -- Multimedia
Net -- Network / Communications
Pur -- Purchasing & Procurement
Retl -- Retail
Sale -- Sales & Marketing
Small -- Small & Medium Business
Tele -- Telecom & Wireless
Trade -- Trade / Professional Services
Trans -- Transportation & Logistics
Util -- Utility & Energy

Josie, if you have any other questions about the feed, feel free to ask your account manager for help. You can reach Vince at:

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Karen, I'm finally getting around to understanding your xml feeds and their use through Dreamweaver, and I was wondering if you folks have any ideas on how to best use the displays for marketing and such. For example are their other ideas besides doing a conditional display for a keyword (which I can obviously do somewhat using the adwizard?)

Any successful examples appreciated. Meanwhile, I'll try to figure out the technical stuff on my own.

PS. It looks like the economic crunch has just started hitting hard this week, so if that's the case, we'll be shifting to revresponse even more than we have in the past (here's hoping that works, otherwise I may have to get a real job

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Hi Work911 - Glad to hear that you're making sense of our feeds and are getting ready to deploy them on your sites.

One concept that performs very well for our partners is to present the offers based on their release date in descending order. This would allow you to create a section on your site(s) called something like “The Latest INDUSTY/TOPIC White Papers!” or something similar.

You’re right that the AdWizard allows for keyword targeting but you’re still largely limited to the templates the wizard makes available. With the XML catalog you can be much more creative. Boolean search phrases are often used by partners looking to focus on a given category but exclude a given topic or client. There are obviously tons of other ways to leverage the catalog. If you have an idea that you’re struggling to put in practice let us know and maybe we can help.

P.S. We're glad to see you recognizing RevResponse as a consistent revenue generator especially during this cruch-time. We will do everything we can to keep you from having to get a "real job" =)

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I want to use the CSV code and change the partner code to my subdomain, but It's doesn't work and I can't open the file in excel. It said, unable to open file.

How to fix this matter so I can get the CSV code for my

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I just tested it out and you're right. There was unnecessary code in the link I posted above. I just edited that code. It should work now.

Try this:

It worked for me and opened right up in excel.

Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

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Thanks for the quick response Karen. Now I want to ask possibility to get the CSV code for just selected category like category for computers, finance, multimedia, IT as I currently build my new blog:

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Hi Adiska03,

I'm jumping in the discussion seeing that Karen has headed out for the day. The easiest way to get to what you're looking for is to simply sort on the 'B' column (PubCategory) of the CSV file.

Every offer is assigned to a primary category. Let us know if this doesn't address your needs.


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I C... That's help me much even I'll need to remove other unrelated offers manually :D

Thanks for your help David and take a nice rest Karen :D

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I took a look at the RSS feed today, and it appears that there are category codes for offers that are Canada eligible (_CAN), International eligible (_INTL) and Mexico eligible (_MEX); however, none of the individual publications use these category codes. Is this something that's coming soon? :-)