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Hello, Why does the raw XML feed at not contain the same data as the individual RSS feeds on the partner sites? Apparently there are many subscriptions missing from the XML feed. How can we get all of the available subscriptions? Thank you.
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Hi Nexus,

Are you able to provide some screen-shots detailing what you are seeing? We've attempted to re-create your problem on our side and cannot seem to replicate it. Everything from our side appears to be in fine working order.


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Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I'm checking it out now, it looks like it maybe just that the categories for the RSS feeds are homogenized. Is that the case?

For example using the current XML feed, where the PubCategory = 'AG'
there are 4 results, but for the RSS feed, where the category = 'AG'
there are 8 results, but I noticed at least 1 publication 'Egg Industry' is from the 'Foodb' category, which is probably the case for the other additional publications as well. True?

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You are correct. The XML feed only includes what we internally refer to as a 'Primary Category' but the RSS feed will show any additional categories an offer has been tagged to.

Let me know if you have any other questions.