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The RevResponse team is thrilled to announce that the Winter Contest was a major success for many of our partners. Each of you was issued a challenge and many of you attempted and met that challenge head-on. Thank you for your excellent participation and motivation. Your efforts helped us and you to finish 2010 with a bang. To our winners: Your account managers will be contacting you so that you can select your prizes. Once you receive them, let us know. We'd love to see pictures of you grasping your MacBooks, iPods, Kindles, coffees, and more. To all of our partners: We are looking forward to an exciting 2011. There will be more contests and prizes to excite you this year; and, we hope to see great participation along the way. Let us know what types of contests and prizes encourage you the most.
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Can you put the Winner list here.

Check my blog

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This one works really well for me and got me re-interested. The combo of having a clear goal, a small cash bonus PLUS the chance at some really nifty tech toys does it for me. Now, still waiting in suspense for the toy announcements.

one thing though. I probably missed it but how are you determining who wins the nifty toys?

oh ya. It's fun.

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Work911 - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the challenge. Your participation is much appreciated and you should have received your prize last month. If you didn't, please let me know.

In order to determine who was awarded which nifty toys, we chose prize categories for our partners based on their average earning levels over the course of 2010. The goal, for most partners, was to increase their average earnings by a certain percentage in order to be eligible for various prizes.

Some of the prizes were simply cash bonuses, whereas others were gadget-focused. We did award one MacBook Air, multiple Kindles, and a handful of Keurigs to various partners over the past two months.

I encourage you to keep up the excellent promotional efforts in the coming months. The higher your average earnings are, the bigger prizes you'll be able to win in future contests.