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IT Operations Management Kit Bundle

Our bundle exclusive offers are converting at a higher percentage than our other resources and partners are earning more revenue as a result. This is due to two reasons; 1) they include a free publication that is normally sold for a certain price and 2) the short deadline attracts more downloads. If the topic relates to your niche, make sure to take advantage of these promotions as they are worth the extra work.

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This month's bundle is centered around a free eBook on IT Operations Management that normally sells for $11.95. Tailored for CEOs, CIOs, Managers and Consultants, it includes:

- The Essentials of IT Operations Management Kit - This 136-page eBook focuses on actionable ideas to manage the challenges of IT infrastructure such as how to improve availability, performance and efficiency.

- The Cloud: Promises and Realities - This white paper explores the early drivers of cloud services, how they've influenced current expectations and the realities of cloud computing as they relate to data control, performance, security and ROI.

- Key Strategies for Deploying Enterprise Mobility Applications - This step-by-step guide for CIOs discusses how and where to mobilize applications in their enterprise.

- Data Quality Dashboards in Support of Data Governance - Exploring data management and data quality, this white paper describes the emerging technology of data dashboards and how they are instrumental to organizations formulating data governance strategies.

To add this this bundle, copy this link and add your brand name right before "tradepub.com" (For example: brandname.tradepub.com/free/w_bund07/prgm.cgi).

This offer ends Friday, May 18th at Midnight EST. Good luck and happy earning!

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