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Information Security BundleWe're rolling out a familiar yet new offer to you this week. Not only have we regained rights to a free and valuable Information Security eBook normally sold for $9.99, we're also attaching three related eBooks to provide a fully loaded bundle for your audience. Encourage your readers to grab it until this Thursday, March 15th before they miss out on this limited time deal. This self-titled Scrappy Information Security Kit includes the following: - "Scrappy Information Security:" Who remembers "The Net" with Sandra Bullock? Or the recent movie "Untraceable" with Diane Lane? Cyber crime is no joke and this eBook is for everyone who wants to protect the security and privacy of their online information. Save $9.95 and download it now to take action-oriented steps to keep you safe. - "Social Networking & Security Risks:" Focusing specifically on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, this document outlines the security concerns with each and identifies solutions to protect you, your personal information and your Company data. If you're concerned about cyber bullying, give this one a read. - "Magic Quadrant for User Authentication:" Jumping to the Enterprise level, this whitepaper takes the opposing viewpoint and discusses what businesses can do to secure user identities as well as how to select authentication vendors. - "Key E-Discover Issues to Consider:" The popular security software Company, Symantec Corporation, provides its input on how organizations can improve their electronic discovery process to avoid court sanctions, reduce potential litigation costs and increase regulatory compliance. How can you optimize your revenue from this offer? Our top earning partners have seen that writing a blog post about the offer (ensuring they list the value of the free offer) or sending an email blast works best. Feel free to use any of the information above. Questions? Comments? Leave me a comment and I'll be happy to help.
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Where can i get this?


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The link is at http://www.tradepub.com/free/w_bund06/?p=w_bund06 and the offer is now available until midnight on Thursday. Good luck!

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I received the email about this last night at 8:30pm est and its only good through today?? That doesn't give me much time to promote it to my visitors. Also, is there a link for it?

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Hi there,

Yes, we apologize for that. The post went out on Monday and there was a delay in the email notification. We were able to extend the duration until midnight Thursday so there's now an extra day!

The link is at http://www.tradepub.com/free/w_bund06/?p=w_bund06.

Good luck!



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Frankly, I think you would be doing a better service to your publishers to NOT accept or take any of these ridiculously short 'time limited' offers.

Webmasters have to literally trip all over themselves in order to generate the publicity needed to cause a reaction from their viewership. Here today... gone tomorow...

In the meantime the advertiser is seeing their name ramped up, trumped up, promoted to the sky and the effects of all that publisher efforts lives on months and years after the short fuse offer. Great for them... they get mega bucks worth of word of mouth and placements in the search engines... for which the publishers won't receive any money for boosting their name in the search engines.

It is a great deal for your advertiser but it seems to be at the expense of the webmasters who are silly enough to participate in such a 'short fuse' promotion. Then again, that might simply be the intent of that particular advertiser... gain maximum exposure with minimum cost to them...

I hate feeling like we are being abused or taken advantage of... and that is why I won't participate in such a 'campaign'....

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Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the note, I appreciate your perspective. We realize that every partner has their own requirements and obligations and that not every offer is a perfect fit. Partners with email lists have seen great success with these limited time offers. They require more urgency from the get-to but the exclusivity and timeframe tends to increase conversions, making it worthwhile for the partner. If it helps, these type of promotions tend to do best via email blasts or site inclusions that can be easily removed once the time has expired.

I hope that gives some insight into why we promote these from time to time.