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42 Rules of Marketing ToolkitLast month, we featured an exclusive "Information Security Kit" bundle that included 4 eBooks, one of which normally sold for $9.99. Good news - It turned out to be one of the best performing offers we've had yet. We've put together another useful bundle as a result. This "42 Rules of Marketing" toolkit includes a free eBook valued at $9.99 for a limited time and an assortment of marketing eBooks that are perfect for CEOs, CMOs, Managers and Consultants alike. 1) 42 Rules of Marketing - This well-proclaimed eBooks is a compilation of ideas, theories, and practical approaches that the author has been collecting over the years. The idea was to create a series of helpful reminders; things that marketers know we should do, but don't always have the time or patience to do. 2) 7 Email Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore - Email remains one of the most effective tools for e-commerce and subscriber engagement. This white paper points out very important ideas that will help marketers plan their email marketing strategy to improve subscriber engagement in 2012. 3) 7 Steps to Managing SEO During Site Redesign- Considering a site redesign? If so, owners are probably contemplating all of the potential benefits that a redesigned site will have on their inbound marketing program. This guide goes through how to plan for a site redesign with SEO success. It includes how to preserve authority, avoid common mistakes, and seize redesign opportunities to build for growth and scale. 4) Social Media Reality Check: Are Customer Service Execs Wasting Their Time and Money? - This IntelliResponse report dissects the role of social media with customers. Published for the first time in this white paper, customer interaction data on social channels is detailed. This offer expires on Tuesday, April 24th. Grab your link by visiting the "Offer Catalog" or copy this link and add your brand group to the front of the URL. Good luck and let us know if we can help!
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