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If you're like me, you're tired of hoping FeedBurner is going to improve and you're ready to move on. Let's say you've decided to break up with FeedBurner and you want to take all your friends (ahem, subscribers) with you. How can it be done exactly?

That's what the presentation below answers. It's a step-by-step guide that visually shows you how to export your list without any fuss, so you can get to steppin'.

Learn more about our RSS to Email tool and how it can help you monetize your feed. Ready to get started? Our comprehensive RSS to Email tool guide will get you on your way. You can also check out our SlideRocket presentation that will walk you through each step slide by slide. To transfer your list, talk to your Account Manager (he or she can be found on your profile under "My Account."

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Yeah, WHAT happened to Feedburner?! I don't know whether to continue to use my feedburner RSS address of the Wordpress RSS address (whatever THAT is).

Mike Corso
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So, I watched your slideshow; what do we do after we download the email addresses into a csv? Can we upload to our Wordpress RSS list somehow?

Mike Corso
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You can upload your RSS list, I will contact you via email and we can get this setup.

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Then how to integrate it with Revresponse ??

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Hi Pawan,

Good question. I'll modify the post to include next steps. We have a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the RSS to Email tool at http://www.revresponse.com/rss-to-email. Email us or click on our chat window below if you have any questions or we can help!

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Hi Yasmine,

Sounds good and I am interested to import my list from Feedburner. But I have below questions:
1. Is this offer valid for Indian publishers?
2. Can I avail this offer for multiple sites?

I am planning to implement your RSS-to-Email tool on my website: http://getpaidtotakesurveysguide.com. Will it be a good fit? I have some other sites as well where I can use RSS-to-Email tool.


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Read the guideline but i didn't find link to import subscribers from Feed burner to revresponse

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Hi there,

Your Account Manager will take care of importing your list for you. I see yours is Laurie (You can find the name, email and phone number of your A.M. under "My Account"). Send her an email and she'll take care of the upload process.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.