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Almost a million subscribers are in the process of being imported to our RSS to Email tool since we started our Switch to RevResponse bonus last month offering $100 for every 1,000 subscribers imported. Dozens of partners have gained relief from their FeedBurner's woes. One of which has already earned more than $1,500 in one week from our monetization feature.

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If you're on the fence, here are some of the main reasons our partners have switched to our Feedburner Alternative and why you should as well before our $1,000 bonus offer runs out on Monday, November 12th:

They wanted to stop paying hundreds of dollars for an email campaign service. Our solution is completely free.

They were reassured our service does NOT mandate subscriber re-optins. This means they can safely substitute solutions without losing a single reader.

They liked the idea of previewing their email newsletter before wasting time considering a switch. To see yours in action, visit our Switch to RevResponse landing page.

They realized they didn't have to sacrifice customization or personalization from a free solution. We offer multiple newsletter templates, color customization, flexible delivery and even personalized headers from our in-house designers.

They liked the monetization angle and are already earning more than Google Adsense. To see how GlobalSecurity (one of our first partners to utilize the RSS to Email tool) generated over $30,000 the first year, download our RSS to Email tool case study. And of course, the $1,000 bonus we're offering hasn't hurt!

You might be wondering, "Well, I'm already set up on Feedburner or [insert your alternative here], how much time will it take to move everything over?" That's a great question and we put together a slidedeck you can view below that shows EXACTLY what it will take step-by-step.

Simply leave a comment or contact your Account Manager to get started. Don't forget, the deadline is to switch to our free, easy-to-use solution is Monday, November 12th.
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I have created my RSS to email news letter can you please let us know how this offer works.


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Just to close the thread here, Dan got back to you by email!

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Is there a subscribers count widget of you RSS to Email like feedburner one? Or is there some code to output the number? I like to showcase no of subscribers.

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Hey agent001,

Great question. It's one of the top requests we've received from partners and we're working on it now. It'll look similar to the counter of leads we currently have on the homepage. I'll post a blog entry once it's out. We have a lot of features coming and if there are any others you'd like to see, definitely let us know.

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That is Great. I have already Submitted by list.

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Great! :-)

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I've transferred my Feedburner subscriber to a CSV file and created a RSS to email widget on my blog. I also de-activated my Feedburner account for this subscriber. I need help transferring the CSV file to the RSS to Email account. Thanks!

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Hi Darlene,

We're glad you're interested in using our RSS to Email tool! The transfer process is quite simple, and I have sent you an email regarding the next steps. Please email me if you don't receive it or have any questions. nschreck@netline.com



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I have already shifted feedburner to RR from 10th Oct 2012, now two months over on 10th Dec. May I know when we will receive this bonus Payment ?

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Hi Mohit, your bonus payment will be processed January and you'll receive it alongside your commissions on the 15th.

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Thank you for reply... Have a nice day !

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I am waiting too. :)