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We launched our RSS to Email Tool a few months ago and we have been collecting great feedback from our publishers. We've also been hearing the same questions about how it works and to help, we put this post together in an effort to answer the most frequently asked questions. Question #1: "What does RevResponse's Email to RSS tool do?" Answer: The tool publishes, manages and monetizes RSS feeds. It's for bloggers and website owners who want to syndicate their content via email, increase their subscriber list and advertise in a smarter way. Instead of CPC ads taking visitors to a 3rd party site that you’re unfamiliar with, RevResponse seamlessly integrates free eBooks, white papers, and magazines that are relevant to the content of the newsletters (see a sample on the right). E.g. A marketing blog may feature a white paper on how to use Facebook for businesses for a social media wrap eBook from the top leaders in the industry. Our publishers earn revenue for every qualified download their audience generates, anywhere from $1.50 to $20. Question #2: "Wait, you're giving me free resources to give away to my readers AND you're paying me when they download them?" Answer: In a way, yes. Our content is taken from Companies that we have a partnership with and they pay us to assist them in gaining exposure to their resources. Question #3: "What type of partners do you accept?" Answer: To best take advantage of our tool and satisfy the Companies we work with, we accept business and technology focused content creators. The ideal candidates would write about technology, careers, and business-related topics. In addition, they would have an engaged audience and possess an email list or are about to start one. Question #4: "What is setup like and how long does it take?" Answer: We put together a short 3-minute video detailing the process of what the newsletters look like and how to set up the tool. It typically takes anywhere between two to five minutes to get up and running. Watch it below:
Question #5: "How are you different from Feedburner?" Answer: The main difference is in the way we monetize that I've described above. However, we also have other unique features:
  1. Real-time Statistics: One of the biggest complaints I hear about Feedburner is the inability to track sign-ups in real-time. This is something we can do instantly. We capture sign-ups as soon as they subscribe and they can viewed within the Reports section.
  2. Mash-up Feeds: Our publishers have the capability to take multiple feeds and merge them into one newsletter. This is a feature not many other RSS tools provide and it gives readers the benefit of managing their subscriptions more conveniently.
  3. Flexible Scheduling: In addition to unlimited newsletters, subscribers, and emails which Feedburner provides, we also allow our publishers to schedule their newsletters down to the week, month and day. They can also easily pause the mailings at any time.
  4. More Ways to Monetize: Publishers also earn revenue from the sign-up process through a thank you for subscribing confirmation page. From there, visitors can select from a variety of resources to download. An example is shown below:
  5. Full Support: We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and guarantee a response from one of our team members in 48 hours or less. We're also happy to provide assistance in setting up the tool, send feedback/ideas, etc. In addition, questions can be answered instantly using the "Live Chat" feature on our RSS to Email Tool page.
  6. Full Customization: Our tool also allows for full customization of the email widget that is embedded on our publishers' sites and the newsletter that's sent out from our system. We've even created custom templates for eligible partners.
  7. Select Resources: Adsense can be a hit or miss in terms of relevancy wihin Feedburner. While we pride our tool in matching relevant resources to the content of the newsletter, we also provide ours publishers the option of selecting a specific resource they would like showcased in the newsletter. E.g. a Technology blog can choose to add an eBook on the latest trends in Cloud Computing if that's a hot topic he or she has been discussing.
  8. Product Improvements: In addition to support, we're committed to continuously iterating and enhancing the product from our publishers feedback. We send surveys for user feedback and are always asking how we can improve.
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