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Note: This contest ended on July 1, 2012. Amazon $100 GC

It's been a month since we launched our redesigned site and announced our three new monetization tools. We want to hear what you think. What do you like about the new design? Which of the new tools is your favorite? What would you like improved? Your thoughts are important to us and will allow us to become better as we iterate in the future.

Give us your honest feedback (be specific!) by leaving a blog comment and be entered in a giveaway to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Grab extra entries below by following us on Twitter, (+5 additional points) liking our Facebook page (another +5 entries) and tweeting about the giveaway (+3 more). The more submissions you have, the more likely you are to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Just follow the instructions in the widget below.

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Rules: This giveaway is open to US & international partners. Only entries from the widget will count, one entry per action per partner is allowed. The contest ends 7/1/12 at 11:59 EST where a winner will randomly be selected. If the winner does not respond in 72 hours, another will be chosen. ALL ACTIONS ARE VERIFIED. If a winner has not completed an entry as specified in the widget, another validated winner will be picked. Our goal with this promotion is to encourage you to share your opinions with us so we can use your feedback to build better products, please keep that in mind.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and good luck!

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Hi I was using your tools and you need to polish more the selection of category in ads wizard. My blog is about marketing but when I choose marketing appear only two related content. The rest is topic unrelated with marketing.

And about the new tools and design. I like it, specially the lightbox.


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My favorite new tools are the TopBar and the Slideout Box - both of which I'm using on my blog. They're unobtrusive and give me a new way to promote that I didn't previously have. I'm excited to see how they perform over the next couple of months.

As far as the redesign, the site looks cleaner and is easier to navigate. I'd love to see the Reports section redone as well.

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I use your wizards for advertising on my site. My site is devoted to free magazines www.all-freemagazines.com so your general wizards are a perfect fit for my site.

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The sight definitely looks cleaner and seems a little easier to navigate.
The addition of the new monetising methods definitely is a bonus because it offers a variety of methods that publishers can use (one size does not fit all and it was quite limiting when there were only a couple of options available, some which would not work for all sites/blogs).

An integration method that I would have loved to see would have been via the use of a Wordpress plugin. A lot of people (including myself) are on Wordpress and there are some people out there who are not so confident about messing around with html. Having a plugin that can activate some of your promotional methods such as the lightbox, slideout and topbar with the simple tick of a box would make things so much easier.

I had some issues with trying to integrate your offers into my mailchimp campaigns but one thing that I liked is that after getting in touch with you guys, you seem to be doing something about getting the issue resolved and I get regular updates on the status of my query. Even though the issue still hasn't been resolved, I am still happy knowing that it has been swept under the table and forgotten. That is a plus in my books and shows the lengths you go to to keep up relations.

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I think this design is better than the older. And about the three new monetizations tools I do not have the opportunity to prove them yet. But I looks very fine. I'll prove it. I think I'll install the slideout box.

I've proved the slideout box, it would be nice if it was possible to change when the slideout box should appears.

Regards and keep going!.

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to the point.
i think new face of revresponse :D is simple and Cool design.
i sugget revresponse to look combination of colour, and fast loading.
thats all
thank you

free magazine for all

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New design is much better than previous one and you guys need to improve page load time.

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Great contest and it'll be interesting to see how this monetization tool does against some other providers like Amazon


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New Monetizing tools in revresponse.com are really very nice and helping in more user interaction due to which users are staying more in site. I Like Lightbox very much as user has something to do at last.

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Today was the first I had logged into the account for some time. You really have made some nice improvements with the promotional tools and overall navigation!

Thanks for keeping us informed of all the new promotional tools.

Ron C.

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For us, as publishers new tools really count because help us to understand easily how the campaigns are working on. I think that new design help us on that way.

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Hi all,

I'm quite new to Revresponse, but I must admit that the value of those tools are great. Usually you pay big money for paid wordpress plugins to obtain those! So yes, I apreciate.

As for the design of the site. Yes it's clean design, where are some flashy colors... -:). The blue is very blue...

Good work guys...
Best wishes
www.vladan.fr - Virtualization ressources, VMware ESX, ESXi, How-to, Videos, news...

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Revresponse.is really good service maintaining their quality work.I really like updated site structure and design,which really help us to navigate perfectly.
I have few suggestion:
1.Include Email newsletter box in eye catching area.
2.include More Social Connection and share
3.Use Google voice base search feature for in-page search functionality
You can welcome my suggestions if its stand up-to mark.

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Like the referral cash and bonus opps like this.